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surprisingly fun. those sonic guys scare the shit out of me though

How does this lag so hard?

Also, I'd rather not have a game that has an installer. Zipping and unzipping files is more preferable

Good game. 

Good game but needs work. Has the potential to be the spiritual successor to AoT: Tribute. Could also fail completely like Grimm Eclipse

Fucking creepy as hell. Running through the dark dusty town is spooky. City, houses and alleyways are well designed for now.

I went through the entire first wave trying to find enemies and couldn't. I was about to quit and give the game a bad review, but I decided to play until the second wave. Holy fuck was that a spook. Enemies are terrifying.

Speed and fluidity are nice, but aren't very well used in combat. Try playtesting it and see what I mean. Since the demons and mc are so fast,it becomes a game of circling each other trying to get a hit in. It just doesn't feel cool. I would improve the combat before everything else.

Don't know why Zenitsu was the second character modeled lmao. That dude is trash, as evidenced by his special ability. I had fun booting it up and trying to use it. One of those big creepy fuckers kicked the tar out of me right before I could fire it off.

Can you save the game somehow? Also, I get stuck in water a lot lmao. Swimming functionality? Seems a fun thing to do while on the island.

Awesome. Click to advance functionality is something I'm used to after playing VNs, since I'm a pretty fast reader. I want to try it out next update, so I'll follow you.

It wouldn't be bad, but I ultimately was not able to get very far into it due to how slowly the text is displayed with no option to skip forward. In a text heavy game, that's a seriously big QoL issue.

put it under the 'so bad it's good' category

Also, the stairs are unclimable, the creepers don't even attack you and what is the purpose in putting in your name?

You literally can't play it unless you rename the data folder lmao

Not a good game. Servers were down, and mods abuse their powers. Plus, out of all the servers, there's only one map, and it's not even designed well. 

The only positive is bots. They're AI is strange, but rather cute.

This game is fun. I like how it deals with the creepy aesthetic of vaporwave.

Pretty good game, but very little challenge. Enemies only attack on reveal, so having enough shields can make it so there is little strategy in what tile you click. The time pressure was nice, it was that little extra twist that kept you exploring rather than lackadaisically fighting monsters.

Given that it was made in 48 hours, a rather exceptional and novel play on minesweeper