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Good game!

played it like 2 weeks ago but uploaded it today. Good game! 

just uploaded today :) 

played this like a week ago it wasn't uploaded until today. really good game! 

really good game, i wasn't expecting that ending. i realized later the game wasn't slow, it was my computer, so the problem was on my end.

found out about this game through Bijuu Mike and had to play it for myself, as a glasses wearer lol. 

i don't think i put this here yet but here's my playthrough from a couple weeks ago. i wasn't able to get the last ending but i still enjoyed it. 

i don't remember if i already put this here or not but here's my playthrough from a couple weeks ago.

i don't remember if i put this here already or not but here's my playthrough from a few weeks ago. i should've known from the title lol.

Uploaded this last week but don't remember sharing it here. Loved that you could hear the spider but you couldn't see it!

I feel like I got more scared than I should have lol. Anyway, here's my playthrough.

Loved playing this game! Here's my playthrough. 

I really had a lot of fun playing this! Here's my playthrough. 

I loved playing this! I might've said the opposite while playing but just ignore that lol. Here's my playthrough. 

I had fun playing it. I wasn't expecting it to be that short but it was still a good game! Here's my playthrough.

I really enjoyed this game and the twist at the end. I didn't guess correctly right away but I already have part 2 up on my channel where I finally got it right lol. Really good game! 

I watched Markiplier play it before I think, and I just happened to find it here while looking for stuff to play and I had fun :)

found this game through one of Dawko's videos so I played it for myself on my channel. Here's my playthrough :) 

I'm a huge fnaf fan so I played this game on my channel and loved it! here's my gameplay if you want to see it :)

I played this game for my channel it was fun. Here's my gameplay if you want to see it :)