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I got the true ending first try!!!!!! yaaaay. although i did go over the first part (Bfore new game+ multiple times trying to find another ending besides the yandere one. Curiosity i suppose. Loved this game!

Amazing work!!!! ^w^  and I love what you've done with the QnA idea! If I could ask the guys a question it would probably be: If you had to be in any Anime which one and why? (Or cartoon in general)

REEEEEEEee im so happy!!!!!!!!!

i dont think ive ever seen something so precious in my whole life. i love it! so cuteeeeee!

ive only played for 36 mins so far but i have to say that this game is amazing. I love the GUI as well as the art. Very detailed and absoultely gorgeous!!!!! Cant wait for a full release!!!

I love the References to fire emblem in the Characters room! love the game! absoulutly would reccommend to friends!