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So since they're both completely so separate games from each other with the exception being that there's the possibility of them both being in the same universe, Although that just makes me curious about whether that means that the kinks/fetishes in the other game you've worked and updated so far that's known as Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined could and/or might be similar or completely different to this one that's titled as Celsius in one way or another?

I don't want to seem narrow-minded by saying this but I'm really hoping that shirokoi will still be able to continue his work on his current visual novel "Temptation's Ballad" following along next to whenever time he might be able to use to update his first visual novel "Repeat" as well only if of course time can be split evenly enough for him to being able to continue work on both and/or either one of those projects of his fairly if whatever kind of schedule he might follow could allow a little leeway for him to do that at all that is.

I'm starting to get more and more interested and excited to try out this game of yours, even though it's just starting out small I'm loving every addition and detail you add on to this game as you work on it more bit by bit and I can't wait to see how much further you plan to go with it until you're satisfied but even then I hope you can go even further than what you already have done with it so far especially if you happen to plan to make other games similar to it in some shape or form later on in the future!

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From the gameplay you've showed so far, it seems like you're really off to a good start with this project of yours, I just hope that you can improve it bit by bit as you work on it following along to your own schedule so it doesn't seem like it's all being viewed from the perspective of a VR headset and once it's improved to the point that you're satisfied with it maybe it could be close enough to be similar to another game project like this one Hungry Critters that's also based/centered/focused on that kink/fetish known as vore only with a little bit more clear graphics and details involving how the individual will be swallowed whole and digested as well as what other kinds of possibilities can happen between the two of them only if of course there are other kinds of actions that can be taken outside orally ingesting them If you understand my meaning behind that (?).

Is there anymore that you plan to add on to this game of yours like say for instance maybe possibly make it into some kind of RPG or perhaps even give it some kind of storyline that's kind of similar to some of those action, adventure, and/or fighting games that are out there these days or something along those lines?

Although on the other hand maybe added on with a little bit of dialogue there's the option of him having the option of joining you on whatever kind of journey you might have to go on and he's staying in the motor plane a little longer if that's a possibility, at all, of course?

Do you think you can add on anything else besides the dialogue, like the option of the MC swallowing Ares whole or maybe even the possibility of Ares still having the option open of allowing the MC to be swallowed whole by him even after he was defeated fairly during the whole battle?

Did I happen to overwhelm you with too many questions here if I did do that I'm sorry, I just wanted to get a heads-up about what was different and new on this update of yours before I tried it out myself just to avoid any kind of unexpected issues/problems/obstacles that I might have run across without knowing what was causing them or how it was happening to start with if you know what I mean?

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If I was overstepping into spoiler territory or even being too personal by asking these questions in the first place, I apologize for that in advance, I just kind of wanted to get a heads-up of what is or isn't possible in this VN of yours and as well as whether it will be a possibility that it's something that the main character will be able to do later on down the road to the future if I'm not being too of assuming or presumptuous by asking that to begin with of course?

One last question I would like to ask if it's not too much of a bother to ask you is will the main character now be able to form a team with any of the characters you encounter in this latest update by forging bonds with them as you build some kind of relationship with them or perhaps on the other hand you could build up your team by capturing any enemies/monsters you might face/encounter in certain areas that are infested with them and have them fight beside you in that way in this VN of yours? 

Heck, I'm even curious whether being able to use capture on the NPCs that the main character encounters during all their visits to the mortal plane will be another type of option for them to try out on instead of using it on mainly just the enemies they fight as another possibility to be available in this VN of yours?

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Could it even be a possibility to use the capture option on the Cerberus in this latest update of yours, or will that be for another time later on down the road?

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Are there also several other options in which the Cerberus would also be able to swallow the lust demon whole like say for example (CV and/or AV), or will there only be one option of doing that with the main character, which is just devouring them by way of typically just shoving them in their mouth and then gulping them down in one go?

I really hope that Khemia it's only on a temporary hiatus right now and not just permanently put on hold or even dropped completely because even though this might not be starting out as well as Adastra did it still is a continuation of that and I would love to see where it all goes if there's ever a chance for it to start up again on the creator's own time of course (?).

If it wouldn't be much trouble if I'd ask this question without unintentionally crossing and/or stepping into spoiler territory, would you be able to say whether this project is just going to be short and sweet or if it's going to be pretty long-running in time down the road?

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If it wouldn't risk any kind of spoilers to your VN by asking this, are there any other kinds of kink/fetishes besides the ones that are listed here that you plan to add on at a later date and time as you add on more contents like chapters and other things to this project of yours?

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I hope asking this question won't overstep into spoiler territory or anything along those lines, but between those two characters that are journeying together after meeting each other through mysterious circumstances in this VN of yours do you plan to have anything unexpected happened between them involving certain and/or specific kinds of kinks/fetishes that people might take interest in such as vore or perhaps even Mpreg only if there was any kind of motivation to add those kinds of fantasies in this project of yours to start with of course?

If it isn't too nosy, pushy, bothersome, and/or annoying of me to ask you this, whenever you think you'll be able to finally post/upload A demo to this project you're working on will you also be able to bring the finished public version up on this site as well if that's not too far from being completed after the demo too as well that is?

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I hope this won't be over stepping into spoiler territory if I ask this question but if this game is supposed to be  "a pilot episode for something bigger @RabidRbbit and I are cooking together" then does that mean this will be as big and as long as other well known VN's such as "Lustful Desires" or "Small on Top" even?

Is it just regular preg or does it also involve mpreg as well, if I'm not overstepping any boundaries by asking that?

Hi it's me again, hope it isn't to out of the blue to send a comment to you like this to suddenly or anything like that but I'm getting kind of pretty anxiously curious about your work and I hope I don't come across like I'm breathing down your neck or anything like that but do you happen to have something in the works right now that you'll be able to post here or wherever else you might happen to have an account involving social media or art sites or anything of the like only if I'm not asking something too personal of you involving your projects to start with of course?

You're completely fine I probably should have done a better job of explaining and organizing everything together in a way that could be understood but I guess I have trouble with that especially if I can't get my thoughts together and put them out there on any comment boards that are online on the web these days in a way that's clean and thorough that isn't misunderstood by anyone who sees it to begin with.

Sorry if I wasn't being specific enough I thought I was being clear about what I was talking about in the case of forbidden desires or interests based on either bestiality/Zoophilia  or whatever else that comes close to being taboo next to those two in the real world which you might hesitate to put on their game in case you don't want to get into any trouble with anybody who might strongly be against that in every way possible but in the case of not wanting scat or inflation being part of your game I can understand that but in certain cases with vore I can be fine with any kind of variety involving that kind of kink/fetish as long as it doesn't involve blood and/or gore in it in the shape or form at all plus if vore can also follow along the categories that don't involve any death involved in it which is typically known as endosoma, safekeeping, non-fatal, and/or full tour I can also get behind that stuff as well if it can be part of an online game, visual novel, comic, graphic novel, animated series, etc.

I hope I won't be coming across as too personal by asking any more questions involving your game but I was just wondering if you happen to have any kinds of kinks/fetishes that you would strictly not allow on your game in any shape or form, especially if they cross any kind of certain line involving what is or isn't acceptable in our world especially in the case of being taboo in several parts of the world?

I don't want to bother you too much with any other kind of question(s) that might delve too deep into revealing spoilers for your game but I was just wondering whether if perhaps as you continue to work on this project of yours you plan to add any other kind of kinks/fetishes into it that delve into a fantasy that a little more outside reality than certain other kinds of kinks/fetishes that you might see some people play out in real life and usually find more online these days like say for instance something along the lines of this only if that doesn't come across as too personal towards your interests in any shape or form at all to start with of course?

I hope you won't mind if I ask this quick question of you, especially if it doesn't overstep in any kind of spoilers for your VN later on down the road in the future or in other certain cases a specific area of personal boundaries for what you plan to add on to or not add on to your own VN game project, but mainly I was just wondering if you plan to make this project of yours just mildly NSFW or just full-blown lewd in a way that's almost somewhat similar to this VN known as ?

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So is this visual novel completely different from your other one called

Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined, or are there going to be similarities between the two that will appear later on down the line, especially in the case of the kinks/fetishes that are available in the second one?

Nothing to be sorry about, I just wanted to ask and check on whether that was going to be part of your game at all in any shape or form.

So do you plan to add anything else to this game project of yours, such as certain kinds of possible kinks/fetishes later on down the road, if you are interested in those at all to begin with, of course?

Is this currently all you plan to do with this project of yours right now, or are there more updates plus uploads to come for this visual novel down the road in the future?

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Well, I wasn't trying to imply that anything fatal should be a part of that in any shape or form that's why I mainly mentioned endosoma, safekeeping, non-fatal, and/or full tour the last time I made my comment it's also why I added the other kinds of variations of vore from before as well because I was just wondering whether they could also possibly be added to your project as well if that was something you would be interested in any of that at all to begin with of course?

Although while the other hand, if you don't plan to make it extremely gory in the aspects of vore then would you go along with the idea that it could be somewhat pleasant for the individual to be swallowed whole like say for instance in the case of endosoma, safekeeping, non-fatal, full tour and/or plus maybe possibly cock vore, anal vore, unbrith, etc. for whatever other kind of variations of vore that are out there, possibly as described on this list based on this link (?).

Well, I don't mean to be around the bush, but it leads me to another question that focuses on one of the kinks/fetishes that you have listed there, specifically the one involving vore, and I was wondering if you intend to make that mainly centered around the less than pleasant aspects of it like say for instance the individual who ends up in whatever monsters that swallow them whole is simply digested or meets a far more painful fatal end than that?

I hope it won't be a bother to ask you another question as well, as long as it doesn't overstep into any kind of spoiler territory for your mod, but I was just wondering whether along the way when you update this when you have the time do you plan to add any other kinds of kink/ fetishes to it as you continue working on it or is that list that you posted there the specific limit of how far you'll go with those kinds of desires that people may or may not have any interest in to begin with whenever they play on that mod of yours?

Thanks for adding that, it's a big help on what to expect from this mod of yours and so far I have to say I like what I'm seeing on it, especially with what it has centered/based around on the kinks/fetishes that will be popping up here and there for the main character to experience along the way it's gotten me all the more eager to play it for myself as it progresses further on according to your schedule for any kind of updates you might post onto it later on down the road in the future!

I'm not sure if asking this question will reveal too many spoilers in your project, but I was just wondering if you had any specific kinds of kinks or fetishes that you want to have in this mod and others that you don't want to use in it at all to start with?

I'm so glad that you were able to add so many various characters in this one update, I can't wait to see how they'll interact further with the demon MC, especially in the case of whether there will be an option for either the demon and/or the recent characters available in this VN so far to be able to swallow each other whole simply through the typical means of vore such as oral, cock, anal, or maybe even perhaps something along the lines of unbirth which could be done in a completely different and unique way than what we usually see with other styles that other artists typically draw up involving that subject/topic to begin with and in that case perhaps it could be used in a more unorthodox/unexpected method than what we've usually witnessed before which could be combined with a completely different kind of kink/fetish that people have drawn up before online mainly known as Mpreg and that can make an interesting combination between the two which could also lead up to an interesting scenario/situation that's best described and/or shown by this piece of artwork here only if you think something like that could possibly fit into your visual novel at all to start with of course (?).

Are you planning on making any other kind of variations to this game using the same mechanics you had in it before in a completely different version that you have in mind and might make later, or do you just plan on improving it bit by bit later on down the road?

I got a quick question involving the enemies that you face currently in the game and the ones that you might face later on down the road as this game updates, will there be some kind of option during those kinds of battles where if the character does end up losing and gets swallowed up will they be able to fight inside that stomach in order to try to get out through either the way they came in or out the other end?

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I don't know if this is a question that you've already been asked before involving your new visual novel, but it's based around the concept that you had in your previous VN BtSP which involves that Bull character that appeared in it and the option of exploring his stomach in order to help clear it out with all the items he had swallowed before when he was dared to if I'm remembering correctly how that whole interaction went between them to begin with but anyway the point I'm trying to get to is will that be something that you add to this visual novel as well or do you have something else in mind if that doesn't cross too much into spoiler territory right now at this point of time of course?