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Hey Robo,

What do you have in mind?

Hey Aleifr, 

I've been searching online yet I can't find your updated Top Down RPG Template? Do you still have the template? Are you selling the template or are you able to upload a new version?

Much appreciated, thanks!

Yikes, so I picked Glass Cannon and I get 1 shot against starter monsters.

Can't get past the first area outside the town.

Congratulations and great game by the way! It also feels good seeing how you created this with GameMaker.

Will totally play around and make something.

Also, how is the 3D platformer coming along? Do you plan on releasing any 3D platform resources/templates?

Good work Gizmo!

Hey Gossip Team,

I seem to be having trouble  implementing a "Pause" function for the dialog system.

I want to simulate a command like - "Pause" the textbox object for 5 seconds before proceeding to the next line. 

The idea is to create cutscenes like a character walks over, pause then talk.

Do you have any suggestions on how to execute this command?

Good job LimeZu,

Pretty soon these 2d pixel art assets will be 100mb zipped. That's a crazy ton of content.


Hey, are you able to make this tactical movement? Like limited spaces to move? 

Secondly Are you considering clumping all of your engines together for  a discount?

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Thanks for the reply Gizmo, I didn't notice you created both the camera and Engine.

I was playing around with the Fauxton engine yesterday and really like it but am having trouble incorporating it with my current game.

Also this 3D Camera is super easy to setup and get working but I'm having trouble getting the height maps and texture mapping for walls done.

Do you have any recommendations for creating sprite stacking objects by the way?

PS I would also pay good money for an updated 3d Camera with height mapping.

Hey I wonder how I would make the character walk up a slope? And also how to implement a slope object? Like a ramp for example

Hey I've imported this to my project and what I'm trying to figure out is how to make slopes on the ground with this and how to have my player jump?

Question, how much does it cost to publish a commercial game with this engine?

Is there a way to download all of the sprites on the screen instead of 1?

Thank you sir. This is awesome! Thank you for contributing to the community.

Did a video about your game and Sprite Stacking. Well done Dev Dwarf!!

Fair enough, are you able to record like 3-5 minutes of raw gameplay and upload it?

Super Dope! Do you have a Demo of your game? I'm working with a bunch of LimeZu's assets myself and would like to see how you seem to be executing some of the work.

Thank you, I have a demo planned around NY.

Thank you for this LimeZu. 

Also here is my current project using most of you're assets. Feel free to take a peek and let me know what you think?

This is awesome.

I'm working on a project right now and am wondering if you're able to make 8 directional character movement? Like diagonal movement up right and down right etc.?
Or make a template and I can work on some more characters.

Those notifications above their heads are great!
Do you plan on making more of them and releasing?

Can you fix the camera, to make the mouse movement inverted?

Is there a way to add an outline to this character set?

No way this is free bro? Do you have a patreon?

Thank you!! I'm still looking forward to a kitchen/restaurant tileset.(If that's in the works)

Also if you're open to creating a top-down monster/npc set that would be awesome. 

I cannot get this working with gms2. Help please.

Hey Mayita,

I bought this pack imported it, set the camera to follow my game character and now all of my GUI is shifted to the left.

Is this a feature part of the engine or is something changed to the Draw GUI event when using this engine? 

This is truly amazing. I might pickup the Unreal Engine because of this.

I would love to see someone re-create a modern mmofps with psx styled graphics.


hey was this created in 3d?

Hey do you plan on sharing this engine? Or selling this engine. I want to jump into the code learn and play around with it.