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How the heck do I even get the onahole things to trigger?

For me, the keyhole and tree top thing ain't working.

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Is there an event in the bathroom?

Gotta love the Markiplier reference.

I'm actually interested in assisting in development of this game.

Ah yes. My favorite way to die. AGGRESSIVE POVERTY.

You can find me here:
I'm a spy and I don't know why#0652

Aight, just show me your Discord pin and we are great to go!

Or you can find me here:
I'm a spy and I don't know why#0652

Yo dude, wanna team up for the Rainbow jam?

Yo dude, I'm from the Rainbow Jam Discord, wanna team up for a game?

We need Team Fortress Project 3.

Reisen wants cake. Just give them some cake and everything will be fine. Great game though.

I weirdly have a strange Idea that make this game skyrocket. Add another playable character that doesn't use the O-bomb, but instead uses a remote Emp, they still a part of the NOODS of course, but they would just use an Emp instead of an O-bomb. Anyway, great game! Very responsive controls, nice controls, I see a bright future for this game!

-Game reviewer

10-103 looks EPIC. Is another one in the works?

-Game reviewer

Wait. How is the trailer still on Yt?! But nice game, Reminds me of the Contra series.
-Game reviewer

Hmmm yes. Alice tries to bake some cake for Marisa. PERFECT.

-Game reviewer

All I gotta say is, Koakuma will be very tired. VERY tired.

-Game reviewer

So basically give flowers to someone, for example Reimu, so they can give said flower to Marisa or Sanae. Great idea!
-Game reviewer

Also, this reminds me of the Tohou project games. Nice work!

-Game reviewer

Finally. A Persona inspired game. Nice job comrade!

HeeHo once again Dez. I am actually happy with this game. Keep up the great work!

-Game reviewer

Hmm... Looks familiar...

Hmm yes. MegaCOOM.

Ah yes. Futa fight sim. Very nice. Futa/10. Peace!

-That one game reviewer

Hmmmmmm. Nice game. Visuals are great! Peace1

-That one game reviewer

Its a good game right now. Love the pixel animation!

(Btw, I played the demo ;D) Peace!

-That one game reviewer

Hey there Kayako! As a Vocaloid fan myself, I say, you did a very good job on the sprites and animations. Hope your game grows! Peace!

-That one game reviewer

Hello there. I really hope that this game grows. Especially the funny faces. 710, funi face. Peace!

-That one game reviewer

Stealth. Interesting...

Still, looks great! Peace!

-That one game reviewer

Im actually hoping this game grows! Could use a little futa doe. Great game. Peace!

-That one game reviewer

Yo Dez, Gamereviewer here, Im the guy who commented on your Newgrounds. Peace!

-That one game reviewer


Add Venti reference? 9/10, traps are gud.

Yes comrade. This is good russian fighting game. Comrade/10.

Nice game, neko girl best girl. 10/10, Cat girl best girl.