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every time  i play this game my blood pressure spikes, not from the battles, from the shops, who doesn't love getting completely useless items in your shop 20 rerolls in a row 

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i was on a journey to try level up a mage and see if theres anything after because idk they kept dying, finally got one on the second choice after a massacre in round one, this madman was the sole survivor of the next two rounds, killing 3 people all by himself in both followed by him once again being the sole survivor of the final battle, may they record your name in the history books Haimengarde the Weak, all though you were anything but that.

(he was still less accurate than a blind man though)



no, that's me thinking the mountain blocked it a completely intended feature, the secret requires the interact key. 

My bad, in my infinite wisdom i accidentally set it to 10 foreskin, not 10 or more foreskin, effectively softlocking you for having too much foreskin since the only way to remove it instantly kills you, should be fixed now 

neat little experience, nice style 👍

just let people have fun man

fun game, trying to approach the djs when they get discofied is a massive pain though

fun game, hole at the end you gotta climb with the grabber a bit hard to get righ though

the ninja with enough meter to inst cancel for days:

 I'll Teach You GIFs | Tenor

tried both, neither worked

"can only be played with keyboard" then it refused to let me use anything other than mouse

tried to do a cleaver run, ended up with a spike carry, luckily wasn't many damn fire geckos on my path to king

shoe whitty

some stuff i made as a concept for a mod that i'll probably never make

walks through he door, walks through he door, walks through he door, falls into the void



I'm the real jesus smh

you want to go against the word of Jesus? seems like blasphemy to me

based burger king

Blasphemy is an insult that shows contempt, disrespect or lack of reverence concerning a deity, a sacred object or something considered inviolable.

Melinda Gordon???!?!?!?!? i didnt expect to see you here


no you didn't

I (being jesus) would say you're going to hell but why would i state the obvious

dom fucking sucks fucking sucks, dudes always doing nothing. like???!!?!?! you just gonna sit there not getting into drama smh. periodt..........................................................................................................

you're not going to call jesus christ a furry are you?

they dont, those are cancerous growths

cant complete it all right now but for now heres the melon