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I did a second playthru cuz I wanted to see if I could get to the end, was going pretty well until henry and glenn died in a house in phandalin, I reached the ending with darryl and ron tho :]

I love this game!!! i immediately killed my boy ron by, then glenn and darryl, then henry got trapped in a graveyard bug. I realized a bit too late that you can move the characters during battle, lol 

nvm, I restarted the game. It just says I've mastered every potion

can someone who finished let me know what it said pls?

I finished it but immediately accidentally clicked off the pop up, so now I don't know what it said

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I made a potion of greater healing that guarantees profit, costs 80, minimum profit of 80

made with red slime, pepperjack, and tincture of boredom

I loved it, it gave me the happy feels

I loved this game! so cute

ay, fellow ontario person. I can't leave the house cuz the snow is like 2 1/2 feet high blocking the driveway

first you have to find the mistletoe, give it to Riss (the one baking) you'll get back figgy pudding. Give that to the reindeer, you'll get poop. Give the poop to Mallory the mouse (outside) and you'll get the key