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Oh. So, popmanbrad. Since it's not going to be free to play, did you get the kickstarter demo already? If so, then how do you get the demo if the kickstarter has already ended?

That makes no sense. Instead of 'But is good mod', You should say, 'But it is a bad mod that anybody can throw up and get sick.

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DebugScoped. Are you friends with this guy? Don't be near him if so or anything like that. Nothing but spamming him! 

Who asked you?

Don't mention it.

Well, congrats to whoever the "them" is.

I have a question for you. Are you the same guy that doesn't like people spamming him all the time? If you are, then I'm out. If not, I will still be commenting (of course I will be.) I'm not being rude, i'm just asking.

So, you're saying that it's not going to be a download?

Happy new year, mystman12.

How did you know, popmanbrad?



Delete it! Delete, delete, delete!

He's going to.

Do it, sport! Everybody likes you!

Stop acting like you are a baby. Get out of

NO it is not.


Yes, you are

Can you stop?

Ignore him. He's a spammer

Again, nobody cares

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Hi, mystman12. When's the full version of Baldi's Basics coming out? I've been waiting for weeks.