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Does this post-processing effects pack affects UI elements? Works in Unity 2D?

Thanks! As you have already noticed, I couldn't finish it.  I didn't have enough time in the week to finish the game.  I was very busy...

Thanks! Can I give you an idea? Put in "more information" the inputs, like you did in the lite version.

I have a question: this game works playing with a xbox controller, like the lite version?

Ok! If you want, I can be your tester ;)


I am a Mac user, and I would love to have this game on my computer. Can you publish it for Mac, too? I would be pleased if give this option.


I made 45 pins knocked, 1 spare and 3 strikes!

Hi Kenney!

I already uninstalled the downloaded files on the site and installed all of them back, but in the launcher. When you release your seventeenth version of Game Assets 3, I'll see if it updates just by downloading what's new.

Thank you!

Hi Kenney! 

Recently I bought your bundle.  I liked it very much, but one day after, you posted this new version of Kenney Game Assets 3. Can you give the option of downloading just the new assets of the new versions? It will help me a lot, because I am required to download all the archive. 


Cool game! It is very funny (and difficult. Everytime i win, I have negative points 🙁 )!