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i would also love blind accessibility for this!.

im no developper, but check out the forum for possible help.

does/will this game have more focus on romance or horor?

just curious, but when/if will this game becom accessible?

btw, when can we play the remake, just asking.

it's worked perfectly in other games made in renpi. maybe you could add text/descriptions to the buttons and/or images. there might be some free tools here on itch to help, i found some, not sure if they'll be useful here.

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Hi. I'm a blind player who really wants to play this game. the self-voicing feature works, but i can't read any choices or menus, only the main story. Could you maybe help?

hi. Thanks for the help. Also, to avoid that issue, we could just use screen curtain.

hi. I played this on my pc and loved it! However, i wish to play it on my iphone. However, when i keep the app open the phone locks itself after a few minutes. Could you help?

does this game have proper self-voicing?

hey, will this game be free forever or will it become  paid later?

hey, thanks! It's totally fine. Great to see you'll impliment accessibility in future games. If this game is made in unity, then you could maybe try the unity accessibility plugin.

hi. is this game blind accessible?

for blind accessibility, could you maybe add image descriptions?

ok, thanks!

hi. Since there is a blind-friendly tag on this game, just wanted to know what accessibility options this game has?

thanks for letting me know. Also, does this game have support for self-voicing or image descriptions?

Does this game have accessibility options? Also, when will it be released?

Hi. Since you are upgrading this game, could you maybe add self-voicing to this vn as i would really like to play it?

hey!, thanks for considering accessibility! I'll download the game and check for accessibility. Thanks also for adding image descriptions!

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hi, Thanks for providing me with the descriptions and setting! Also, thanks for adding self-voicing support! It is quite rare to find vns which support it fully. I did find two free tools here on which can help to add image descriptions to the game. I'm no programer, so i don't know if they'll work with this game.

is this still being worked on?

hi. I tried to play this game, but the self-voicing feature did not work. Could you pls help?

hi. I'm a blind gamer and want to play this game. Could you maybe add self-voicing support and image descriptions to this game?

Hi. I'm a blind player and self-voicing is working quite well with this game. Could you maybe add image descriptions?

Hi. I'm a blind gamer who would love to play this game. I tried to enable self-voicing but i could not read the menus. Could you maybe add alt-text to the menus, images or maybe choices?

I'm really loving this game. The characters, the music and the story are all great! Pls make more. BTW, when will the full game be complete?

I know the topic is old, but i'm not sure where to post this. WHen i opened this game on my new windows 11 pc, it said that the game was mallware and so did not launch the exe file, claiming it was a virus. Could you help?

does this game have image descriptions

does this game have image descriptions for blind access?

hi. I was looking for blind-friendly vns and found this one with the tag on it. Does it have self-voicing support, is it completable with keyboard and does it have alt text for images?

hi. I am a blind player and really wish to try out this game, could you maybe give a demo or something so that i can try it and inform if alt text and other options are needed. 

hi! I''m loving this game. Any chance of any new updates or a full release?

Hello, are you still on

hi, that's ok. I've edited my comment to make it a bit kkkmore clearer. WHen i tried the game, self-voicing did not turn on when i pressed the v key. 

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hi. I really want to play this game. However, i am visually impaired and wanted to know if this game has support for blind people. Does it suppport renpi's self-voicing by pressing the v key or image descriptions? 

hi. I really want to play this visual novel. Just wanted to know, is this game fully blind accessible? If it's made in renpi,does it work with self-voicing and just a keyboard, does it have descriptions or are the menus voiced? Would be greatly appreciated if you could help out.

love the game! Hope to see more of it. Just wanted to ask, do you plan to make the game paid when it is fully finished?

The game is fully accessible. press v for self-voicing and shift + c for clipboard output. The only part not accessible is the jukebox and galary. Also for some reason, the music volume was to low on my computer.