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Okay, that's fair enough, thanks anyway.

I think I was unclear, I wasn't referring to a Patreon subscription, I was referring to the "$10 or more" purchase on 

I've paid for the $10 tier yet I don't have access to the 0.9.1B update, just 0.8.5B.

So, is the Android port no longer receiving updates?

So is the Android version no longer getting updates?

So...where's the Android version of the 3.5 update?

I really could have sworn there was an android version. Maybe I'm confusing this game for another I had on my radar.

What happened to the Android version?

Okay, good to know, I only asked because the recent dev log post said "final public release" or something to that effect.

So after this recent update are we getting any more updates for the game on itch or is it just Patreon going forward?

That's fair. Thanks for the reply.

Any plans on an Android port?

Does the Android version receive updates through patreon or is it just the PC versions?

I know this has already been asked but I can't find an answer; is there an Android port, if not will there be one?

I'm having trouble installing on my android device, a Galaxy S22+, any help?