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i think i started playing, stopped playing, came back and a new update was released. cool game

moral: the more pollution=cooler sky


i love this game so much! is there ever going to be any updates

this wasn't made in bitsy..

whatta savior.

not really. if you want me to say it again i can.

man, this man is a real man man, man.

what were you on while making this? asking for a friend.

did it work?

guys, bitsy HD works with this. just upload you bitsy HD files into this thing and it works like a charm.

you could just say they.

your supposed to get him to 70 years and then he will die no matter what.

can you make an infinite version of balls?

you should use bitsy HD. or not. i don't care.

(1 edit)

how is there so many colors if this is bitsy?

make sure to tell me about any bugs/glitches you run into!


level 11 is tough.

man, the music is so upbeat for the ending.


so it was useless...yay.

but do NOT announce the theme until the game jam starts unless there is something else important  like a requirement that you have not announced but if you announce the theme before the jam starts then people can cheat and make a game using the theme and release even after the deadline unless the jam already started of course and if that is the case this thing is useless.