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I really enjoyed the story in this one, loved the visuals.  Great job, definitely worth a play especially if you played the others in the series.  Here is a video of my play through.

The game was pretty good, but it seemed that this one was either buggy or maybe it was intentional, I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't seen or played it.  Here is a video of my playthrough.  Either way, this game was really well done and I do recommend it.

The teaser for this was amazing, would love to see the teaser expanded to a more developed game.  Here is a video of the teaser gameplay.

Absolutely loved this game, would definitely recommend this one.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

I eagerly anticipated discovering where this journey would lead me. During my experience with this game, I encountered several instances that left me in suspense, unsure if the game had frozen as I patiently waited it out. This uncertainty persisted through multiple playthroughs, leading me to conclude that it might be an intentional aspect of the game.   Here is a video of my playthrough.

Appreciate the reply, the game is good.  Once you get that balance right, it will be much more enjoyable.  I am glad I had the chance to play it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first experience, so naturally, I decided to give this one a try. I found the gameplay in this one to be much more to my liking compared to the first. However, I couldn't help but notice that the difficulty on both Normal and even Easy modes felt a bit imbalanced. The number of deaths on Normal mode made it somewhat less enjoyable, so perhaps a slight adjustment to the difficulty settings would enhance the overall experience.

Similar to the first experience, I had a minor concern regarding the brightness of the flashlight. While I understand the need for darkness to create the intended atmosphere, when it becomes too dark, it can detract from the desired experience, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it just as much.

If you're interested, I have a video of my playthrough.

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My experience with this game was fantastic, and I derived a lot of enjoyment from it. The only aspect that could use a slight improvement is the flashlight brightness; it's a tad too dim. Perhaps adjusting the environment's lighting slightly could address this issue. Additionally, I noticed that you have to press the F key twice to activate the flashlight; I'm curious if this is intentional or if it could be streamlined.

If you're interested, I've captured a video of my playthrough that I'd like to share.

You are very welcome.

Another great entry into the series.  In a world where Pot is always in the news for one reason or another especially becoming legal in more and more places, this one seems to be very fitting for the times.   Here is a video of my playthrough.

It's been here since January 11.

I really like the story in this one, it has the potential for a much larger game if the desire or need is there.  This is by far my favorite of the 1st 5 in the series thus far, but still have to play 6 & 7.  If you can only play one of the Poop Killer games, I would recommend it be this one.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

This was one of the wildest versions of Poop Killer compared to the prior 3 releases.  This one had me ROFL.  If you are a poop killer fan this one is highly recommended.  Here is my playthrough.

This was an amazing improvement over the first two games of which I enjoyed both.  The new elements to the game are much welcomed.  The story in this was really good as was the voice acting.   As stated in the other two game comments, I really like the black-and-white style, it adds so much to the game.  Keep them coming.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

This is a riot and a ton of fun to play.  So many unexpected things in a game.  Good humor and fun to play.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

I love the style of the games.  Had to get all 3 up before a new game comes out.  Love the black and white, the atmosphere, the music, the story, and just about everything works.  Great job on this game.   

The other 2 videos will be up over the next few days.

Here is my playthrough of it:

Each Poop Killer game gets funnier and funnier.  This one killed me.  You guys keep 1uping yourselves.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

Been playing your games for some time now, never expected to like this one, but I rather enjoyed it and have played the 1st 6 now.  Very entertaining, and surprisingly a good short story, but this would be horrific in RL.  Here is my playthrough.

This one had an engaging story behind it.  As it went on it drew me in to want to know who and how.  It was well done and a bit scary.  Here is my playthrough of it.

This lighthouse-themed game is really fun to play, enjoyed the short story and surprises along the way.  Very Spooky too.  Here is my playthrough of it.

Another hit, an absolute blast to play, and love the jump scares.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

For a short game, this was so good, would love to see more expanded in this setting.  The story is short but works really well.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

Sean this one on Sean of the Dread's channel and had to play it after watching his playthrough.  

This game is scary as they come.  Always had me on edge and waiting to be frightened again.  The story is great as well.  One of my favorites from ASK GAMES.  Definitely recommend it.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

Now this is how a horror game should be made.  The story was so good, the random scares and the atmosphere were so well done.  Every little noise had me scared, my first playthrough knocked me right out of my chair.  This is easily my favorite game from you guys.  This is always my first recommendation for my friends looking for something to play.  Here is my playthrough.

Well, this DEMO looks amazing.  I surely hope that this game eventually gets released, its been on my wishlist in Steam for a long time now.  I truly want to see more of this one.  Here is a playthrough of the DEMO.

This game was so much fun and had me freaked out the entire time.  Wish more games would learn from your games.  Here is my playthrough.  Definitely at the top of my list of games I enjoy.  Highly recommend.

Another great story and intense game, great atmosphere and has you on your toes.  Here is my playthough.

This was a good game, the story was great.  It seemed dragged out at times, particularly while waiting for the next customer or spooky event.  Loved it just the same.  Here is a video of my playthrough.  

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Love the music in your games, this one was a fun story and just a good time to play.  Here is my playthrough.

This was yet another amazing short game, this one was very intense.  The atmosphere really made this one keep you invested to see what's around the next corner.  Here is a video of my playthrough.  Thanks for checking it out.

Absolutely loved this one, it absolutely terrified me.  Come take this journey with me.

Check out Departed Prototype.  His newest game:  

This is truly terrifying.  Love the games you make, here is a video of my playthrough.