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great keep going



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You will find it on the channel next week As he said on his Facebook page


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that's his YouTube channel

I learned godot from him

good play thank you for your time I'm grateful for your support

I was just passing by and found this wonderful art great work🖒🖒🖒

thank you for helping me

lovely game keep on

nice game i loved the idea and the design

well playing

beautiful game I love it

is there 32bit version

hahaha very true. am asking the developer because we didn't hear something new since this game

where are you

loved it great work

great work

loved it I'm looking for more horror assets

I like this on

thanks for the assets they looks amazing

greate work 

wow really amazing that was scary

wow thanks

thank you so much for trying the game I laughed so much I actually  built this game for audience like you I wanted it to be played just like that funny . thank you for opening my eyes on bugs i was thought they work properly.

and you tortured purbunnia here that was harsh  hahahaha 

why you just didn't try this way why why why

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amazing work thank you

cool cool cool game

nice game

it takes too long and then it shows me this

i like it well designed


wow i need a reviewer like you for my games

wow something in another leve

you did great, very smooth 

lovely game great jop

this really good game it should be put as game in browser when there is no connection

i enjoy playing it

 keep up

i'm waiting the updates

is this by godot?

great work it should be a downloadable game

the design very elegant , I will give the full rating 

keep up you doing really great

worth full rating amazing

this game will gonna be famous if you just focus only on it and keep developing it

amazing game great great great work