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GMEdit community · Created a new topic Object Renaming Bug
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Hi, first I'd like to thank you immensely for making this tool, it has been an extremely helpful one. And second there's a minor bug I'd like to report: 

Renaming an object in a GMS 1.4 project from within the GM Edit will cause the object to become inaccessible, that is, it can't be opened in the editor and when opening the project in the GMS 1.4 IDE, it gives an error and the object is shown as <undefined> in the list.

Through some inspection I found that this happens because in the project file the object gets renamed to "objects\", but the objects in GMS 1.4 project files should be just named as "objects\objExample".

Manually editing the project file and correcting the object naming makes the object accessible in the GM Edit again and it shows up properly in the IDE without errors. So it seems to be just a minor naming oversight.