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Hi, I really like your art and I'm planing to use them for my upcoming game and I saw on artstation some other characters that you did, so I was wondering if you would put them for sale beacause I think they could really fit well in my project. I also will put you in the credits when I'm going to release it.

Hi! I really like your assets and I was wondering what you're planning to do next.

Really nice!

Very nice work

Will you do a lava world tileset?

Thanks so much!!! and just to be clear that I would also probably buy your other assets.

Hi, I'm working on a game to release on steam and I would want to use your assets for it because I am not experienced at making beautiful artwork like you, only programing .So I wanted to know if it would be okay for me to do as I planned by also crediting you.

Thanks a lot!