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Nice Idea :)

I used visual studio code and uploaded the zip folder with the .html and .js files.

Maby this video can help you

Nice :)

Thanks for your feedback. I will improve the cup in the future. 

Thanks for your feedback. I will improve the graphics in the future (maby i will also animate the cup). This is the second time i made a pixelart game witch means i am not good making pixel arts xD, but i want to learn it 😆.

Thank you very much. I did not knew that there is a localStorage. I always saved data with Cookies or in a Database but i cant do this because i cant use backend languages on

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Ok. Do you know how this work in the backend because i am not using unity. My whole games are made with HTML 5 without any engine. 

(maby you could mute the music while playing the tutorial)

(ups i had sounds off XD)

I like the new update. But the tutorial does not work for me.

Nice Game. I like the 3D Models 😀.

How can i shoot?

yeah my muffin was amazing 😄

looks like scratch

Nice Game 😊. Witch Engine have you used to make it?

Nice Game. I like it 😄.  

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Difficulty 4 is very hard 😄. But i like challenging games. One bug i found is that apples (or that food that the snake eats) can spawn in the border.

I am happy that you liked the game 😉. I will add the feature today.

Thank you. 😊

I liked the game. Maby you could add a few more levels. 😊

nice. Now you have the 5 Star rating from me :).

One thing I noticed is that you can't press s and d together. 

Thank you for your suggestions. I will start to add them tomorrow.

Wow. My current highscore is 30. 😄

Nice game. I am the employee of the month with 80$😊.

A few improvement ideas:

Maby  you could add different Characters (maby different shirt color or skin color). Another improvement idea is that you could make the "Customers' Order Images" a bit more pixelated. One little bug i have found: When you hover over the ? The description of the green button is behind the employee of the month sign. 

But all over all it is a very relaxing game. 😉

Nice Game. But how did you save the current level between site reloads on Because i think you cant set cookies.

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Nice game. I like the idea with the managers 😂. But could you maby add stronger managers witch need 2 cups coffee or something else? Because otherwise the towers kill them instant.

Yeah i won 😁.

Nice game. I also submited a game in the same Game Jam and had the same idea at first ;). But than i made another game i think you have played it already. 

ps. Is the music selfmade and when yes with witch software? I like it very much😊.  

to long XD

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Very nice game. 
The animations, graphics and music tracks are very good. But i think the countdown of the players should only start when you see what coffee they want and not when they in the waiting queue.

nice :). My highscore on hard+ is 30 ;D