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File type? Platform?

Or on itch?

Very good, but you should expand it. If the humans behave more like RTS and build the defenses it will feel more immersive.

I'd like to see your TopDown or 2.5D usable sprites please

Looks amazing, walked around a bit. Didn't feel like there is much to do or a real game loop that works. Bottom of screen you can walk off of it. Nice start - now make it a real game.

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Hi the JAM link on the games topic would not let me pass the 2nd paper, it always freezes. I was surprised how 'enjoyable' it felt to judge or put that stamp on the paper; since I thought this will be boring. I never also played Papers Please. The animations and audio are great! Keep it up, is there an updated version? [EDIT]: Some more feedback... The music sounds like it is from Don't Starve? I loved the funny intro story, but you will need to change it to appeal to a larger non GMC Yoyo crowd. This made me think a "Resume Please" game on this same engine would do pretty well, since people will relate to it.

It felt very easy, since as soon as you stick to a trick you cannot lose. Maybe they didn't use move keys. I would try to prototype how it feels if the block (defense) also was shooting bullets, instead of getting stuck at the edge of the cell. Then you could put stuff inside the cells, that you need to protect (like boosters) and add more enemy types with different behaviours.

Oh ok, just add mouse aiming for me please.

Oh your game is cool, more fun than I expected. Would be curious to see how you would develop this further?

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yes I tried that, was difficult. Just now I tried the game, and the problem is aiming. Not fun having to aim with arrow or WASD keys if I have a mouse, and otherwise even if you use all keyboard controls its is very cramped up - I assume this is a symptom of wanting to make the game co-op. I reckon you should first try a few control schemes, and maybe less buttons or different aiming mechanics at least. Maybe snap aiming in a direction like retro games, then you can aim faster but then enemies design may need to be taken into consideration like in contra. Versus auto aiming may again be easier at first, but maybe less controlled feeling you want in terms of prioritising enemies. At the moment I feel a bit overwhelmed with the control scheme, due to jump and aiming up is competing and by splitting it to 2 inputs you added aiming onto 3 more buttons. If it feels great on a controller, consider adding mouse aiming then also. I would also drop the 3rd fire button I see in your control scheme when loading game, I'm sure 2 is enough.

Really nice start to your game, just a shame the PC keyboard controls are unplayable since RIGHT-CTRL for fire doesnt work.