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Pulmonary BETA Version 1.3 has been released!

1. Changed Pulmonary Theme song
2. Added item "Candy"
3. Added state "Sugar Rush"
4. Tweaked Carnival map
5. Tweaked Haunted House 1F map
6. Slightly changed Haunted House initial puzzle
7. Fixed a few minor bugs
8. Updated "Joe Testrian" and "Gatekeeper" battlers

*View this project's devlog to see the updated enemies.

Pulmonary BETA Version 1.2 has been released!

1. Font changed so it can be easily read now
2. Evasion skill nerfed
3. Optimized a few events in 1st mission
4. Fixed a few minor bugs
5. Victory fanfare has been changed to custom music

Plans for future updates:

1. Add more explosives
2. Redraw Joe Testrian battler
3. Redraw Gatekeeper battler
4. Extend Konchin Elementary mission
5. Fill rooms with more random stuff

No it was made in Rpg maker mv.

*[Continuing your saved game after downloading the update.]:

1. Navigate to where "Jugular5" folder is located.
2. Open folder named "www"
3. Copy folder named "saves"
4. Paste in "www" folder of the updated version of the game.
5. Done!

Jugular 5 BETA v1.1 is now live!

- Various bugs fixed
- Progression "endless Loading screen" bug fixed
- Changed audio puzzle to a more manageable and understandable track
- Changed "Exit Hypnotist Room" code

Jugular 5 BETA v1.0 is now live!

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- Some bugs fixed
- Reorganized enemy death sounds
- Added more enemies
- Added new puzzle
- Added "notes"

I just saw the review by Todd, he mentioned that he didn't find anything in the room you start in. He simply did not search the cupboards where you can find the key to the door in order to escape.

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Jugular 3 version 3.3
-Fixed monster AI
-Added bits of dialogue
-Removed Intro voice
-Added 2nd save point
-Added use for "Pliers, Bolts, & Wrench"
-Tweaked some eventing
-Removed player inventory limit

Jugular 3 version 3.2
-Fixed "Saw Trap" not appearing

BETA Version 1.1 has been released.

-Added some enemies
-Added "Kevlar" armor
-Fixed some small bugs
-Deleted some save points
-Repositioned some enemies
-Added some extra dialogue

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Jugular 3 version 3.1
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Added Jugular 5 easter egg
-Improved Demogorgon AI
-Increased max stamina
-Increased Demogorgon speed
-Added progressive locking doors
-Added locking door in tool chest room
-Changed position of Clearance B Demogorgon
-Added "Saw Trap" item
-Added "Saw Trap" event
-Edited the outro song
-Deleted part of Clearance B map

If you encounter any bugs, please post it here in the comments.

Oh awesome! I'm glad you liked it! If you decide to continue playing the series, be sure to stick around for Jugular 4, this game will feature a bleak action battle system and many more disturbingly satisfying cutscenes.

Jugular 3 version 3.0 & hopefully the last version has just been released.
-Ruby statue adjusted
-Progression bug fixed
-Added secret item
-Fixed solid pool of blood bug
-Fixed passing through blood on wall

Jugular 3 version 2.1 has just been released.

-Fixed game breaking bug.

Was just told about a game-breaking bug in Jugular 3 that skipped straight to the credits as soon as you start the game! I'm so sorry for not catching this earlier. The updated version has been uploaded.

Jugular 3 version 2.0 has just been released.
-Added some voice acting.
-Some small bug fixes