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Very good demo, we re looking forward for the full release of the game... congrats to the dev

One of the best Indie Games i have ever played, looking forward for episode 2, absolutely amazing .. Great Work !!!

i really did

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Great Game, congrats to the dev

we had great time playing this, looking forward to try the other episodes as well

it was our pleasure playing this 

Great game, good job

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very nice game, i was surprised by it to be honest, you should play it asap....

it was nice, short but nice, well done

A short indie horror game from inspired by P.T.

#DarkHotel #PT #Itchio #Indie #HorrorGame #YouTube #GameHauntings

An Indie P.T. clone horror game.

#PT #Horror #haunted #itchio #YouTube #Indie #loop86 #Gamehauntings

All the games of Emika Games are awesome, this was a masterpiece

Here is our Gamepaly

well as a huge fan of P.T i immediately wanted to try this, it was ok,  i wanted some more jump scares but nice try. 

Hello Haunted People , New haunted video  just posted ! go check it out if you dare ! 

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probably one of the most anticipated indie horror game for 2021. Great work i can't wait for the full game to be out so we can stream it for out haunted channel .... wish you the best of luck for your great project.

For a school progect it was very good, i cant wait to play the update.

Amazing Indie Game

One of the best indie horror games that i've played
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Great  Recreation my friend. i didn't expect any less from you .. Loved all your games and you know it ... 

Great Game.  I m looking forward for another project of yours.

Η συνέχεια του πολύ ωραίου @MorTheGame. #Mor #Indie #Horror #GameHauntings

It was ok, it had nice atmosphere, some chilling scenes... i enjoyed it... Keep up the good work...

Very good game. Congrats to the developer

Very nice game Congrats ....

I did like it A Lot , it looks very promising ... Nice Job.

Ok it was funny and a little scary when the creatures jumps out on you out of nowhere .... nice ...

Very Atmospheric game... I really enjoyed playing it .. and in the Jump-scare it scared the crap out of me ...hahahahah good work keep up my frieand ...

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Very nice work, very good game, I really enjoyed playing it . Congrats to the devs. Here is my version .

Ok i liked it, it had the atmosphere, it had some descent jump-scares i liked the hole haunting thing. You can see our gameplay in our live stream ... Keep up the good work.. I may try it in Oculus Rift as well...

Ok it was ok, i loved the pixelate thing ... You can watch the game after 1:04:30 in our live stream 

It was ok . I enjoyed playing it... Good Work my friend. I would like to play another game from you. Please keep me post it ....

The Visit An indie Horror game . visiting Grandma.

Ok so We did visit our grandma maybe we shouldn't have...

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PArt 2 

I really love this game. Nice Atmosphere, great meaning .. KEep up the good work my friend. But in the end i had some problems i don't know weather it was suppose to happer or not...

Ok that was something different. I liked the Laptop idea. Thanks for the fun. 

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First of all, let me thank you for the code. The game is amazing. I really loved the atmosphere. Nice graphic desighn . This is the first Part the second one we will be soon avalaible. Keep up the excellent work. 

Malum Sculptura An Indie Horror game Ομάδα για GameHauntings #indie #horror

I really enjoyed playing it. Keep up the good work.

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