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very nice game, i was surprised by it to be honest, you should play it asap....

it was nice, short but nice, well done

A short indie horror game from inspired by P.T.

#DarkHotel #PT #Itchio #Indie #HorrorGame #YouTube #GameHauntings

An Indie P.T. clone horror game.

#PT #Horror #haunted #itchio #YouTube #Indie #loop86 #Gamehauntings

All the games of Emika Games are awesome, this was a masterpiece

Here is our Gamepaly

well as a huge fan of P.T i immediately wanted to try this, it was ok,  i wanted some more jump scares but nice try. 

Hello Haunted People , New haunted video  just posted ! go check it out if you dare ! 

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probably one of the most anticipated indie horror game for 2021. Great work i can't wait for the full game to be out so we can stream it for out haunted channel .... wish you the best of luck for your great project.

For a school progect it was very good, i cant wait to play the update.

Amazing Indie Game

One of the best indie horror games that i've played
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Great  Recreation my friend. i didn't expect any less from you .. Loved all your games and you know it ... 

Great Game.  I m looking forward for another project of yours.

Η συνέχεια του πολύ ωραίου @MorTheGame. #Mor #Indie #Horror #GameHauntings

It was ok, it had nice atmosphere, some chilling scenes... i enjoyed it... Keep up the good work...

Very good game. Congrats to the developer

Very nice game Congrats ....

I did like it A Lot , it looks very promising ... Nice Job.

Ok it was funny and a little scary when the creatures jumps out on you out of nowhere .... nice ...

Very Atmospheric game... I really enjoyed playing it .. and in the Jump-scare it scared the crap out of me ...hahahahah good work keep up my frieand ...

yes of course i had a lot of fun with the game .... thank you for developing the game and for the good comments.... Keep up the good work

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oh really ? hahahah i didn't understand it sorry.... Ha ha i enjoyed it though.... IF you make another game i would love to play it ... Keep up the great work BTW .....  it did work in some point probably i did by mistake... i cut this part on the video unfortunately.... Nevertheless nive effort ....

Vincent and the Woodshraad | An old and forgotten german scarytale

ok it was a nice experience ... i enjoyed it ... nice work 

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Very nice work, very good game, I really enjoyed playing it . Congrats to the devs. Here is my version .

Ok i liked it, it had the atmosphere, it had some descent jump-scares i liked the hole haunting thing. You can see our gameplay in our live stream ... Keep up the good work.. I may try it in Oculus Rift as well...

Ok it was ok, i loved the pixelate thing ... You can watch the game after 1:04:30 in our live stream 

It was ok . I enjoyed playing it... Good Work my friend. I would like to play another game from you. Please keep me post it ....

The Visit An indie Horror game . visiting Grandma.

Ok so We did visit our grandma maybe we shouldn't have...

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PArt 2 

I really love this game. Nice Atmosphere, great meaning .. KEep up the good work my friend. But in the end i had some problems i don't know weather it was suppose to happer or not...

Ok that was something different. I liked the Laptop idea. Thanks for the fun. 

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First of all, let me thank you for the code. The game is amazing. I really loved the atmosphere. Nice graphic desighn . This is the first Part the second one we will be soon avalaible. Keep up the excellent work. 

Malum Sculptura An Indie Horror game Ομάδα για GameHauntings #indie #horror

I really enjoyed playing it. Keep up the good work.

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Ok it was not bad ....Nice Work 

and how can i set the vr option if i press launch the game starts withoug giving me the option to do anything else.....

Hi there ...I ve bought this game and it says that it¨s playable also on Vr.. I run the game and no vr is available ...I own Oculus Rift .....Thanks ...

Nice short horror game ....Keep up the good work ....

Greetings i m trying to download the game but when i hit the link nothing happens .....

New Updated Version ....We are looking forward for the full release of the game ...Great Demo ......