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Sounds great 😉

Sorry, but we dont accept downloadable games anymore. Did you try Unity WebGL export?

Hey, the game looks great, would be interesting for you to upload it to GameFlare ?

It is different from itchio. We only have web games. If you sign up for our distribution system, you can get a share of ad revenue from our websites or our partner websites.

Hi, game looks really nice. Is there any chance that you will upload it on GameFlare too ? You don't need to do any extra work, just upload your web build.

Hi, I would like to ask you, did you try to export the game in Unity WebGL ?

Hi, did you try export the game to Unity WebGL ?

Hello, would be interesting for you to publish the game also on ?

Hi guys, your game looks really great. Would be interesting for you to publish the game also on ?

Hi, are you planning to work on Super Smash Bros like game ?

thank you

hi, thank you