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I don't do facebook. Is there another way to contact you? Twitter?

Sounds great! I am aware of all new NES kickstarter campaigns. I will keep my eye out for it. Thanks for the update.

Hello, Did you ever make more game carts for Vector Run? I am still interested and will buy 2 copies.  Let me know. Thanks. 

Hello, Any update on the physical release of Graveyard Dude? Let me know. Thanks!

Okay. Thanks for the advance notice. 

How do I get a copy of Graveyard Dude on a real NES cart? I saw a copy on Twitter. 

Excellent. let me know. I will buy one. Any chance you will be making a box too? Games in boxes look better displayed.  Not needed to play the game of course.

I saw there was NES cart of Vector Run from the Midwest Gaming Convention. How can I get a NES cart of the game?