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im glad it did!

so i completed the game and i loved playing this! I didnt like how small the screen of the game was at first but i got used to it after a while. The music is pretty good and i love the art, its very cartoony! the planets design, the fans designs, and our mc are really creative! i hope more people play this!

woah i dont know why i dont see many comments on here, this seems like a really fun game! The music fits the art in my opinon pretty well and i also love all the things this game features! the things you can add to your character look really cool and i think the world is pretty big! Lastly the parts where you like dance and have to use the signs isnt so hard! Overall great job!

of course! and i think putting things that happened to you guys in the game is a great idea! i hope more people play this 

oh woah that other game sounds really intresting i might check it out! And dont doubt yourself im sure the rest of what you came up with is good! this game has alot going for it but no pressure if you dont want to do anything. i would just love to see this game end somehow, no problem also for commenting!

who wouldnt like it!

wanted to say everything i liked! and npp

dude now this is epic, i love leon and theo, also the moving mechanic was really smooth and felt nice, the colors i love also and the words when your drunk feels kinda scary but is realistc to how people think kinda in real life, the music was pretty fitting to the characters and lastly i love the different characters in this game, all seem like people you might see at a party, amazing work!

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woah the art is so neon here i love it! i like the different stages you have to do to get your ghoul child also and the different outfits are so detailed and cool, lastly the music fits a scary but babyish kinda song to, nice work!

man i really hope you finish this game eventually, i love your other games and the different waifus here look like so much fun to talk tooo, their different personalites are great and just all the genres i like, also they look so pretty, great diversity and the texting feature i really like, makes u feel like your actually talking, so far i love this!

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man this was good! i like how the best ending is the lesbians together hehe, the different things you do to make the girlfriend were fun and makes me wanna make a girlfriend to, i love how sweet the girlfriend is and igor was super cute also, the dialouge was funny and glad it was short tbh because with what it had i enjoyed alot, good game!

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i played this and i really wish it was longer! the bit of gameplay it had i really liked tho, the graphics were really clean and i liked the music,the world is creative with it i think being run by robots and this taking place in a candy factory,laslty i liked how you could go different ways, it gives the game replay value and the thing where you can shoot robots is cool, nice job!

no problem! ^^

this art style is so cute it reminds me of homestuck a bit which i love, the story i like how its pretty simple but done with alot of effort and passion, then the characters here are so loveable and i like how different everyone is, well done!

i havent played this yet but its a shame no one else has commented on here, the game has a very interesting story that could happen with alot of people, seems like some lessons can be learned from this and the art looks a little simple but i think its good enough to understand whats happening well, the dialouge i like how it can go from serious to funny and laslty i like how their looks arent anything to special but enough to let you tell apart people, nice work!

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oh my gosh yes! where do i begin, i love how simple the description is, short but its pretty much what the game is about, then the characters i like how some of their names are like horoscopes which have relation with space, their desgined so majestically and i like how you can see some fights in here, whats happening makes sense and the villans look so cool! then laslty the gay momments here are so cute,  im excited to see the finished game, amazing job!

i hope you work on this game again, seems like the last update was a awhile ago, the idea of a oc coming to life is really creative and i like how it averts expections and instead of it being a dream its a nightmare, the art here is pretty realsitc and pastel which i like and then the dialouge is pretty easy to follow, its a a shame you couldnt turn this game in for the jam on time, i still think this is nice,good work!

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of course , you made it enjoyable!

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adorable game! i like how you can make coffee and the controls were pretty easy to work with, its nice you added the letters that you had to use in the game itself though for people who forget or anything and the way you can share highscores in this game with other people is fun, laslty i liked how things got harder the more you play, intresting stuff and great job!

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i like how everything is drawn and colored so smooth! the amount of green used in this game i love to because green is my favorite color! the sprits design is really creative and i like how everyones else is dressed like naturey, their also really nice which i love and the dialouge being in the left corner is new to see but also cool because usually the dialouge is in the middle, nice job!

yoo this is a good game! i love the art style its so cartoony and smooth! the backgrounds are really coloful to and the story is intersting with the year it takes place in and how its of two people trying to long distance, everything feels real and it being two girlfriends is cute. the differnet places you go is fun and i like how everything is different in each playthrough, it never gets boring and i like the voice acting to! great work!

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this sure took alot of turns but in a good way! blair is such a crazy person its cute and then the other characters i love how colorful they are, theres so many endings which i like and the dialouge is pretty funny to like the screams or scarcasim, i always love LGBTQ+ stuff and this game reminds me of danganronpa a bit which i love, overall amazing job

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bro i love yaderes! the way the characters look in this i think is better then the other game because the colors were pretty neon and didnt fit so well together but here the colors are more darker which i like, i like how this is in 8 bit i think is how you say it more then just smooth drawings to (though your drawings were cute), helps it feel like a game more, pretty short but quality stuff, great job!

this was really fast but a nice play! the art style i like how its realsitc and kinda 3d but also combines some 8bit. the story is pretty simple but cute, also the puzzles are unique, well done!

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woah this game has so much! it reminds me of roblox a bit, i love how you have missions to do but can take your time with them, this game is alittle laggy probably because theres so much but its ok, the people i like how their different animals and how everything is 3d, the effort put here can really be seen! Lastly i love the different emotions our character can do and i love how this site has bunnies and our character shown to, both important things, nice job!

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dude their relationship is so cutee, both caring for each other is nice and it isnt very long but what it has is already good enough! i like how the style for when your playing doesnt look 8 bit at all and it all looks drawn very smooth! the background and things they do seems like what could happen during a zombie apocalypse and i like the voice acting and music to, for a first game in a new program this isnt bad, nice work!

this games art style really pops out! i like how charming the demon is and also i like how their non binary! theres alot of options here and their all pretty funny, then also i love the idea of rivals to lovers, the magicals reactions are pretty understable most the time to and overall good work!

this is amazing! first of all i love the colors here, everything is so bright, even at night stuff glows and the background has a nice bright pink! second of all i like how you can talk to people, the interactions are funny and they help talk about the world a bit, third of all i love how you can fly in the air, i persoanlly love flying in games and the flying here is really smooth and pretty! laslty i like how much there is to explore here, just amazing job!

of course! and im glad you are, i didnt hear much other news about this game i got scared you would stop working on itt

well because you seem so nice inviting ill be sure to join, also np and thank you for putting effort in your game!

no problem and im glad they do!

dont mention it! and dont worry im sure it will look good, am excited to see!

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intresting game! this is pretty long which i like to give the story more flow, the art i like the shading and how the girls look unique but realistic, now onto the story, i love things about idols but also the main girl seems so nice and like she seems like she really loves doing idol stuff! this also being a dating sim is really cool! the text box i also love how they have stars becauses idoling makes you look like a star, and laslty the concert minigames are really fun, nicely done!

hey i like all the diferent characters that are shown cosplaying here, their different persoanlites i feel like could happen in real life and then the items i like how many there are and that you have to match the item with the person, the idea of playing someone working a a convention is creative and new also, just great job!

this game is awesome! its nice you made a game for your boyfriend and i like the characters here! the boyfriend i love his pink hair and how hes confused, then the girlfriend i like how fiesty she is and the ghost form she has ending like a tail, the clinic being hosted by a normal cat is pretty funny and when you fight i love how when you hurt your enemies alot it shows them actually wounded, then laslty the items i like how simple they are like "burg", amazing job!

ooo intresting game! the music was great and i like the monsters that we fight, their faces are pretty funny, the guy we play as i love how chill he is, kinda fits like the cold and chill vibe ghosts have, his powers are pretty cool also and its ok that this isnt anything to big, it being simple helps it not feel dragged out and complicated, amazing work!

oh my gosh this is amazing, the art style looks super clean which i like, then i love how much stuff relating to the game there is like merch, a comic, and a discord server! thats cool you care about us fans! now let me talk about the story, i love how it combines super heros trying to hide their identity but also you the character wanting to ask one of them out to prom, thats something new ive seen! the profiles you gave on this site also is nice of you to get to know everyone well, amazing job!

i dont see much comments on here which is a shame because this game seems like you put alot of effort in it! the backgrounds here you managed for it to look 8bit but pretty realistc at the same time and the dark auras that appear throughout help set the mood really well, i like the characters we play and fight and all the different places we can travel to like go on boat and go through a dungeon! laslty i like how decisons effect the game also and just nice job!

this game should have more attention, i love how you can explore the world and you dont have to worry about doing any missions, theres so much many activites you could do like battling and doing school stuff! the fluffs are adorable and the backgrounds are so pretty, they do seem like their in another world, the characters are pretty creative here also and i like their different personalites, good work!