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비슷한 경험이 있는지라 깔깔대며 웃었네요^^  제 경우는 마지막에 7:00AM이 아니라 12:00PM이라 멘붕...~

Thanks for your nice commen! And ofcourse I’d love to enroll GDWC. When is the deadline?

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플레이 해봐 주셔서 감사합니다!

플레이 해봐 주셔서  감사합니다! Thanks for Playing my Game! 

와닿는 이야기입니다. 어찌보면 일상적인 행동들인데 게임이라는 형식으로 플레이하니까 왠지 제3자의 입장에서 관찰하는 듯하여 기분이 묘하네요. 앞으로도 기대하겠습니다.

It's not that easy as it seems to make a game in a week. I will look forward to next game as well!

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Thanks! I think If you play this game long enough, maybe you can walk the street without worries of doing male gaze! 

I'm happy that you like the artwork. Because I really enjoyed drawing them while game jam.  And about the content, I agree with you. I wish there were more things to interact and more expressions. I hope to polish this game more. Thank you!

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Thank you for playing our game. And Yes, we couldn't achieve our original goals, like some of the animations and objects were dropped. But, We hope to polish this game more, so please stay tuned.

Sorry for the confusion. The Archive has been fixed. Please try again. Thanks!

This game can only be played on 64-bit Windows.