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The DEF bones are in disconnected hierarchies, breaking Unity humanoid animations.The rig makes it easy to create new animations but very difficult to use existing ones due to the skeletal hierarchy (disconnected deformation bone hierarchies - head and neck do not deform head and neck, instead root->...->DEF-spine.005 does).

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I've already rewritten the flashlight from scratch for the next game, there were way too many problems with this one. Still working on balancing lights and exposure because the next game has day and night cycles and there's even more to adjust regarding flare/bloom. I think most of the performance issues were coming from the camera, weirdly enough. Unity HDRP is very unfriendly towards "camera stacking" (i.e. main camera + arm camera w/transparent background), so I'm working on a solution there that will be much faster. One alternative to potato mode for now is to use a lower resolution, like 1600x900 or as low as 1336x768, because the cost is happening on a per-pixel basis.

That's some Pro Gamer™ moves right there. I didn't expect anyone to get out if it corners you in the electrical room. Good skills

Thanks, you were first! The story is indeed very minimal. I will be adding at least one more progression hint to the brick area.

Thanks for the kind words. Good job wranglin' that there monster like a hoss. I think it's clear that I need to add some more hint lights to guide the way. It's just too difficult to search thoroughly there with the monster present and lantern/flashlight slowly getting dimmer.

Daannngg. You made it to the platforming bit and then it bugged :( I'm so sorry. There have been a lot of issues with the lantern and flashlight that I've had to fix but I wasn't aware of one where the control is lost. I will attempt to fix asap. Thanks for playing and sharing your playthrough.