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Hey :D, sorry for the late answer. The addition of the drop feature is a very good idea but maybe it's a little too strong since you necessarily have a drop when you kill a soldier, maybe make it more random. moved the camera and characters has been well improved, but quickly selecting a particular character remains quite complicated with the mouse.
It's a very good update, the ui is much better the game is more intuitive. Thanks again for this game it was a pleasure to play it again ;).

Thanks for your submission.

We had fun when we test it :D ! (your actually featured on the GameDevMotivation website)

There is some feedback:

-We can't restart without make all our charactere died and when we lost an important character such as the Flat-earther, we would like to have a restart button.

-Maybe make that we can move the camera with wasd this is more intuitive.
Keep up the good work! :)

Perfect ! :D

Hello I played your game and I found that there is a hidden message so I guess it's okay, there's something hidden:). And if the game is complete or not, it's up to you! An unfinished game with bug will have a lower rating than a short but stable game. Maybe update it, you have time to do it! :D

We will answer you here!

We will answer you here!

Your submission may or may not strictly follow the theme, but it had to be done for this Game Jam!

Submissions that are spam on different Game Jams will be rejected.

Feel free to ask your questions if you have any :D