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you have literally got 2 followers

no iam not being a jerk. General discussion is about having discussions with fellow devs and gamers on you are just trying to promote your dead studio.. you pulled the same stunt 67 days ago and made a post like this. Based off you talking about it in general discussion I assumed you had a pretty big following to make people actually care but you dont. So why would anyone care when you just make posts about not being dead and you werent that popular of a dev to begin with.

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Iam gonna be honest i doubt anyone actually cares based off the logos alone your games look crap

These look aweome!

Nice but overpriced

And also you make the packs so you obviously made them overpriced in the first place. So it would have a less total value if they came along with reasonable prices.

Reigns with Pixels community · Created a new topic WOW!

Its really great to see how popular this jam got this is probably the most popular jam on yet I'm surprised by how many people managed to submit a game. This jam was way more popular than GMTK game jam 2020. Damn congrats great job on hosting your jam.

I just think its a lot for just a medieval pack..  there doesn't seem to be anything special about it to make it seem justified to spend that much on it.


WOW this game is awesome!

Look really cool!

A bit overpriced ngl

Were you the creator of the game SuKon?

Can i have a key for your game SuKon?


Nice assets what file format?

unlucky i guess :(

Pretty cool game loved it!


Very good explanations also it looks really cool keep it up!

Very cool liked the atmosphere

Nice artwork

This was a really cool game i enjoyed it!

This game was fun but i think some screenshake would have been cool !

Cool game liked the wall jumping mechanic

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it is a great protype

cool concept you should expand on it