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Yo this is a really interesting and simple idea. Awesome project dude!

Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you liked it the reload thing was my mistake, but I'm glad you liked everything else :)

Dang yall this is really cool. Awesome game congrats!

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing!

I hope I was able serve as a decent showcase for your excellent textures, I did alter a few of them to grayscale so I could set the colors dynamically. 

Glad you liked it :) 

Hi Yal! I bought your assets in a pack a while back and they have been an absolute lifesaver for my lil 2d physics engine project. I've been working on it for quite a while and I'm just finishing it this week. I added you to the credits! 

Thanks again for the awesome SFX.

Here's the link to my game if you're curious;

Hey MutantLeg, I used your textures on a game I made. Thank you very much! I credited you on my itch page and in my game credits. 

Heres the game if your curious;

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) 

Awesome thanks. Your art rules

Yooo I used your music for my game. Its really good! Thank you so much. Here's a link in case you're curious;

Hey, I was looking for a place to PM you but I am also two of your Icons in my portfolio website. Please let me know if you find that unacceptable. I really like them! Here's a link in case you're curious:

I used your parchment as a frame in a porfolio project I made. It looks great, thank you very much!

I used your Icons in my game! I think they're really neat. Thank you very much!

Hey I just saw this! I really appreciate that you played, and I'm especially glad you liked the dialogue :) My cats Scrambles and Bronson are always hunting rabbits and I thought it would be fun to make a game from the bunny's perspective. 

It shows how important little touches can be. The way I can move around the card is really satisfying. Art and writing are all very clean and well done

Awesome Game!

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Hey, I used your music as soundtracks in my game. They're delightful! I'm probably gonna keep using them in my game jams, thanks so much!

Oh jeez, sorry about that! Thanks for correcting me :) I accidentally linked you because I had also had your soundtracks saved. Maybe I'll use them for my next jam. Thanks again!

Great menus, thanks! I used them in my game jam game. I'll credit this page at

Absoolutely delightful stuff, I used in my game jam game. I've credited you on my page!