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Thanks for trying our game.  The space bar lowers the "chain" to retrieve treasure, so you have to raise it back up to be able to move.  We'll work on the UI to make that way more obvious.  If you get the orange markers right on the cross hairs, you should pull out treasure.  

Thanks for playing our "game".  Right now there's not a way to upgrade the ship, though we did plan on having that as an option.  The treasures are found by following the radar and putting the (very small) orange dots in the crosshairs and then lowering and raising the chain with the space bar.  We'll resume work on this game soon to hopefully make it more entertaining.

Thanks for playing and reviewing the game.  We'll keep working on it to see where it goes.

Thanks for playing the game and for your feedback.  We ran out of time so were not able to implement the UI as we hoped.  Totally agree with the need for a visual indicator.  The camera also needs work.  The level design was straight from the Unity Asset store, so not much for me to say about it.  I was working with my 10 year-old son and he found that asset so we went with it.

Cool entry, looks like we both went for something very similar.  I liked the different models but at first the game felt a bit slow so I found myself using SHIFT the whole time.  I loved the music choices, specially once I upgraded to the battleship.  I didn't like the fact that the competing ships always knew where the next sunken ship would be, so I felt at a disadvantage.  I ended up following the other ships a lot.  Well done!

Very cool visuals! I loved the run style of the 'character', you managed to give personality to a rectangle.  Cool entry.

I felt the idea behind this game was good.  With more time it could become a fun pick-your-own-adventure game, but in its current state it seemed repetitive.  The decisions I made during the short time I played the game (until day 3) seemed to have no consequences.  Perhaps having the player start with fewer supplies will help make the decisions feel more consequential.  Additionally, since it is a 'big race', it would be cool to weave into the story some of the other racers and the interactions with them.  Keep it up!

WOW! One of my favorites on this jam.  I played it over and over again.  It is fast paced, challenging (but not too challenging), the controls feel nice, it's very well done.  My only issue was on some of the higher levels I got confused between foreground and background, especially on the transitions.  I think if you were to add a parallax effect it would make it easier to distinguish the two.  Very well done!

What a great entry!  I played until I maxed out to the third boat, sadly it spawned and got "hooked" with a pole on the dock and was stuck.  It was very fun once I figured out the controls.  

The game looks cool and it was fun to play.  I struggled a bit with the controls, not sure why but I wasn't able to make my character respond exactly as I wanted to.  The music/sound was high energy which made the game more enjoyable.  Good job.

Cool concept.  I'd love to see this game once you guys had a few more days of dev time.  Unfortunately 48 hours go by FAST.  (I know the feeling).  Good try.

I thought it was cool and the ships had a nice style.  I would have liked to see a consequence for allowing ships to fly past.  I did notice you get penalized on the score, but it wasn't as tangible as when my ship got hit. Can't beat a "pew pew" game.  Good job!