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Not bad; it's pretty decent -- despite the poor graphics.


Fixed a bug in which the game freezes when ESC key is pressed during gameplay.

Okay, that's cool.  Thanks for the clarification!


First of all, THIS IS SO COOL! You said you made this with the Godot Game Engine?! THAT'S AMAZING! I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS POSSIBLE TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS!

Secondly, I just tried it and it's pretty impressive: drawing pixels, choosing the colors for the palette, saving the file to the computer. It's all things I didn't think were possible to make in the engine!

Thirdly, I got a bit confused earlier with the save and export button

Overall, it's an amazing program!


I haven't been activate on a lot, so I didn't even realize this devlog was still on draft mode.  Sorry.

Also, for now, I'm taking a break from making games because I'm focusing on other things.

I second that - either that or add a way to window the application!

I don't have anything special to offer on Patreon.  The only people I know that use Patreon are those with the OF page. Plus, if you want to donate, you can donate through this website. 

Mr. Lopez, there has been a change in plans, so you don't worry about the project anymore. 👍

I hope you can understand what I typed.

Did you get it? (I know it's a bit late for me to ask, but it's better than not asking...)

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I'm not usually very good at analyzing things, but all I can say is the text does sound like it's alluding to depression. Along with few other things...

The environment is quite nice, but the game is a bit confusing - the only time the invisible wall goes away is when the character starts talking and I still don't know what triggers it.

The environment throughout the game play is quite calm, but contradicts the character's emotions. It takes me back to when I was young because I use to have depression or think I had that.

There are a few things I didn't like: how confusing the game is- as I mentioned above- and the length of the game.- it was quite short

Yeah, that's all.

De hecho, necesito ayuda ahora. Estoy luchando por escribir código para un proyecto. Una vez más, utilicé el traductor de Google para escribir esto.

¡esta bien!

Sin embargo, solo sé muy poco español

Una vez más, utilicé el traductor de Google para esto...

Okay, sweet! Thank you! 👍 I used google translate to understand what you were saying:


¡Está bien! ¡Gracias! 👍

It is actually Among Us but it's just not possible for the developers to make money off of it, the pc version. (Given current circumstances)

IK, right? However,  it's  not possible. (Given the current cirumstances)

cool *insert thumbs-up emoji*

Pretty good. Could use some audio.

Yeah, maybe.

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TBH, when I read the instructions, I was like, "Pshh! This sounds too easy! How hard can it be?" Only as I started playing, I realized how hard it was. It's a pretty good game. Somehow, I feel as if it is so underrated



This time, I think it's the right file. :)

It will be for mac and windows eventually.


I am working on uploading the game, so people can play it on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

I just realized that I posted the wrong version of the game; That was the original version (The trash version). I apologize for the LONG delay. Right now, I'm working on uploading the actual version. I'll let you know when it is uploaded.

That is strange





This game isn't as bad as I thought it was. Although, I wish there was a way to undo the action of placing a table or a checkout in the cafe. Other than that (and the other bugs mentioned on the page), I think it's decent.

Done! *insert thumbs-up emoji*


As far I can tell, it is okay.  One thing I think it needs is an objective.