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Walkthrough for Every Star Needs a Tree

Walkthrough for Elfy Batteries

Hints & walkthrough video

A nice brain teaser puzzle game

Walkthrough for PlatFormerly

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Walkthrough with optimal (?) scores.

Do comment with your scores if you were able to achieve better on any of the levels. Overall a fun game with excellent mechanic and puzzles.

Moves score:

Level 01 - 05: 47,  27,  32,  35, 70
Level 06 - 10:46,  107,  64,  111,  46
Level 11 - 15:69,  97,  60,  110,  80
Level 16 - 20:41,  96,  95, 104,  82
Level 21 - 25:114,  137,  155,  124,  72
Level 26 - 30:178,  134,  89,  131,  119
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Quick skip feature is good, thanks

Ok thanks, I see now, the text is in old dialect. 

Video has been updated with the new bonus levels.

Nice! thanks, I will update the video.

The new levels are challenging and fun. Also are you planning on adding a level select screen? 

Also noticed a tiny spelling error on level 9. It should be:
 "... and it was lifted up above ..." instead of "lift up above ..."

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Walkthrough updated with new Bonus Levels

An immersive fun little puzzle game

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Quick Walkthrough for this cool game

Quick walkthrough. Nice puzzler

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Walkthrough for Runic Conjecture

Final Runes used: 81 

Walkthrough for Squirrelativity

A nice relaxing puzzle with a novel concept. fun!

Walkthrough for Spawning Ground

Walkthrough for I'm Too Big for the Target

Walkthrough for Stars Align

Walkthrough for Pentaglyph puzzle

Walkthrough for Escape a Die Storage

Walkthrough for C·Break Protocol Puzzle

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Understanding the Rules & Walkthrough for Boxing Up Bamboo Puzzle