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Thank you.
It means a lot to me. 

I just pushed version 0.7, with that, the game officially moves into open alpha phase.
Lots of updates both stability vise, but also mechanic vise.

Best regards.

Thank you. a newer version is up, more stable and with added arrows, spears and opponents that dont just walk around (they now also seak out sometimes)

Thanks mate, a nev version is up. it should be way more stable, tho it is not the jam edition.

hmm, sadly this game would not load, i've had no problems with the other unity games :/
win 10,  64bit Chrome

Well made, i liked it.I was about to say that you should let lost/forgotten bullets be spread out over the next rooms instead of just giving them back. but sadly there is an error where bullet really do get lost, and you'd end upo with no bullets fast.
if that could be fixed it would be enven better.

One of the top best games so far. Graphics, while simple is superb. 5/5
The creativity could use a bit more on how to incorporate the theme, but that would be my only complaint (and it bugs me that there are 30 and not 100 floors, but i could en even make it to the third, so who am i to complain) 
Really well made :)

inertsting concept, i like, tho, after 20 hits i just let it run and got to 91 that way.
Maybe make it so new spawns try to avoid the emediate path of the ball.

Asides from that, worked really well.

interesting and fun game, a bit to short, but what can you do.The game mechanics works really well, i gave it 4/5 on those, and would have given it 5/5 if the graphics convaied dead ends better (second room, between the pillar and pitch, it really looks like you can move there, but you cant, thus loosing valuable moves)

While i must admit there were some bugs to the mechanics, the idea and concept were really fun and interesting. great going.

Audio was great for the game style.
The idea is good and mostly done well, tho the effect of using WASD on something tilted compared to the view seems a bit odd and (for me, dissorintating)

all in all i enjoyed the game, tried tree times where i died. then a fourth. on hte fourt time i won, but sadly due to a bug where a quick direction change during edge turning set me out of the world i believe as i was no longer hit after that .

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All in all a nice little game, the use of 'power as a limited resurse adds a sense of urgency, the graphics, while simple fitted the game really well and the audio reminded me of old school games of the same genre.

Mechanic vise it works as intetned, tho move and attack could with benefit be made into auto actions upon arrow use when no other action were selected/possible
Sadly i had a crash, first at level 2, then again same level but later. 
Happened whenever i tried to pas one of the "guards" without attacking.
Win 10, 64Bit

Hehe, yea the strategy part is not so deep yet. 

You should be able to press the back botton, but I can see i forgot to lable it... (or label it before i render it... Stupid me... 

Odd. What version, the Jam version or 06?

Im addition, what operating system do you run it on?