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Hi, I would like to know if I can use your assets in another engine, for the marketing of one of my games. :)

Hello. A while ago I created this battle system, a bit simple as a demonstration. I had to look for assets from another pack, to edit and create the battle menu frames etc... Do you already have all these compatible assets, for this pack?

Does your work also include the sprite style sheet in PNG format?

Hola. No veo el botón de compras, me interesa. Si es posible, me gustaría que también subas estos dos trabajos a esta plataforma. Saludos.

Hi. I would like to know the size of the assets and if they are only the images or the PSD files are also included.

Hi, I am interested in the hologram UI and I don't see it in the package as a PNG. Is it in Aseprite format?  :)

Does this also come in PNG format?

Does this also come in PNG format?

Oh, thanks! :)

Upload this to please, to make the purchase and save it on this server with my other items.

Do you do personalized service? I would like to order some effects in PNG format that I need for my game.

Can you create a pack with different PNG Slash and Hit effects for first person RPG games?

I just bought it and love it! I wish it had a simpler interface, more enemies, the boss of each stage (from the groundtiles you created) and at least one lady character to save at the end. A background to the scenarios would not look bad either (all at night, so that the game remains gothic.), but I like how it looks that way too. :)

Hello, your animations are not available in sprite sheets, so I can use them in other engines?

Two questions. 1.Can I use your assets in another engine other than RPG MAKER? 2. Do you sell particle effects?

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Hi, excellent work. I would like to know what the exact resolution is, so that the quality of the sprites looks like in the gif images. I can't get it in the game. Fantasy Knight - Melee Sword Attack for GDevelop by Game2DOM (

Nice bro. Thanks! Melee Sword Attacks System for GDevelop by Game2DOM (

You should make a pack of mythological monsters like this, knights, Tileset: (forest and other middle ages terrains, including castles.) The game UI and the magic abilities of heroes and enemies. I like how your work looks and I would like to create a game in the future with your assets.