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What happened to me is that the heart isn't there or in my inventory, but when I interact with the holder, it says there's a heart there even though nothing appeared or is in my inventory, and Lauren keeps saying put it in. It's really confusing.

can you add cache saving?

Also, this game has the coolest rubble system I've ever seen.

Which one, Lady of the Lake?

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So do I, I wrote about it before noticing this was posted.

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First off, the info, listed here:

Platform: Google Chrome v105.0.5195.102

Computer: MacOs Monterey Version 12.3.1

I arrived at Deep Town, ready to no-wave the Lady of the Lake, and climbed up to Lauren's house. She greeted me, I went inside her house and checked out the compiling baton, and then I went back outside to get Lauren's quest to get Lady of the Lake's heart.

After leaving the northeast tunnel in Deep Town  -17,383, I re-enter The Deeps (Lady of the Lake battlezone version, not the west deeps). I beat the Lady of the Lake, checked my inventory, and I definitely had LotL's heart. But when I exited the upper tunnel to deliver it to Lauren, I not only lost my LotL uppercut and LotL's heart but Lauren didn't "remember" me. When talking to her, she just said the "Ah a Prismatic" dialogue or whatever. I tried many iterations of this testing, which included saving, refreshing the page immediately after the fight, visiting Lauren and going back, saving and refreshing, saving before the fight, etc., yet nothing worked. However finally, on one of those iterations, Lauren disappeared into her house. I went in and checked the stabilizer, but it said something like "A magnetically stabilized Prismatic heart." Then I talked to Lauren, who was sitting at the desk, and she told me to put the heart in the stabilizer. Of course, I didn't have the heart (it had randomly disappeared again). This is the most game-breaking glitch I've ever encountered, and I hope it can be fixed.

P.S: I had stopped playing for a while before this because the wings wouldn't appear on Valerie.

Coding is hard, I know.

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Niiiiiiiiice! With a bit more animation and a few levels, this could be REALLY good! (it's really good now too btw)

Got 'em all!

Cool, small and fun!

                                                      Hey I got all 9 berries!