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Sorry for my late notice. Please try to use the Edge browser to play it as it seems some chromes have problems playing them, sorry for that. Thanks for your support.

Thanks very much! Actually heart stabs are my major interest and belly stabs are the minor ones. There are a bunch of heart stab animations already made and pending to be converted into interactive games :)

I have a navel stab non interactive version in my Patreon:


Thanks! I can do that later

Thanks! I can do that

Thanks so much! I have also made a straight in the sternum version (with aid of a hammer!), no push pull there though. I can try that later.

I will upload it ASAP

Thanks, glad you loved it! I have already made a heart stab version with knife beating with heart :) didn't make push and pull for them though

oops sorry, it is

Hi, sorry that in I currently can't accept paypal.

If you are interested in buying, will it be ok if you can email me the list of items you wish to buy, I will send you a paypal button and email you the stuffs once I confirmed your payment?

Anyway, thanks so much for your interest in my stuffs!