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oh, now you brought the HD version. very nice! <3

I think you should upload the demo musics on a soundcloud platform, so that we can play it right here without needing to download

Hey, I'm glad you had fun with this game, thanks for stopping by! ^^

Don't forget to rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Forgotten Ruins tells a story about some people looking for a hidden treasure within the ruins. The party took the challenge following the Book of Forgotten, then got the treasure. Now they have to return to the surface.

This game reverse the progress on each floor. Their level will be decreased. The main protagonist will also has to use Book of Forgotten as a requirement to open the portal. The more Book of Forgotten used, the more their skill will lost. The skills lost from using the Book of Forgotten is randomly selected.

All monsters will not drop money or any item. The only item you can get is by using the money you get from the first treasure chest. There are no revival item. The imaginary party will permanently knock outed if their HP reach 0.

Hello, thanks for reaching out..

we will re-release the demo on steam platform next month!

Impressive works!
Any chance you would create more classes like mage, 2hand weapon, etc?

Hey the plugin so good! any chance you would convert it for MV?

looking forward to it!

since itch isn't like steam, it wouldn't cut the price for duplicated asset from the bundle

Hey, great works! Any chance you would like to create all bundle like this: ?

ohh, it is all come in visumz-sample, pardon & thank you!^^

any chances you make a sample project for this tiles?

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it doesn't have to be new, as long as you put sample maps as you showed on screenshots, we'd love to

Do you have plans to release a sample project with your map assets?

I'd love to have some prebuilt structures/houses/dungeons in each of these. The screen shot maps are pretty cool and I want them.

got it

Is it ok to compress rtp images like using PNGoo? to reduce file size

is this animations still use 4:3 screen?

specially with sample map as like as your presentation here, that could really great for inspiration :D

i've brought this asset pack, it would be cool if you included sample maps like FSM tileset packs

Since this is RPG game that focus on story/plot, so what do you think how my writing in this demo after you finished it?
Is the flow need some improvements?
Is this game hook you up?
Tell us here!

(Non-story comments will be deleted)

1) could you show me the black pixels screeshot/video?

2) Yeah, i was used my old netbook, it's kind of laggy. Even i was put the faster perfomance plugin.. is your pc pass the game's system requirements? Could you give me your pc specs?

3) Thanks for the report! We will fixed it and we will make sure to add some more different troops too for the next build.

We planned to post our next build around January 2020, stay tune!

Hello, Fire Dragis! Thanks for playing our game!

We will see throughout the game if we forgot put some commands to complete the battle tutorials, and thanks for the feedback about Sagara's skill. We will add one or two for him so the players will not be confused.

If you have something in mind you want to tell to make this game better, please post here.

Thank you!

Please list any problems you found for this game.

Thank you!

Due to busywork IRL, the progress going slowly but I will make sure it will be released in this October..
sorry for the inconvenience m( _ _ )m

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Thank you!
We plan to release it on Steam around Q4 2020.

There are no exact pricing yet to announce.

can you show me your pc specifications?

when do the game shows black screen only?

okay 👌

Any chance you will release this in steam as rmmv dlc, like luna engine vxace?

Good luck! :D