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Yep. But let's stop talking about that. Let's talk about the best Doki. That's OBVIOUSLY Sayori.

No, these are not hacks. If you downloaded it from a different website other from or Steam, or then it probably has a virus. Don't play the game unless you want your cute girls to die.

I'm not the developer/developers/dev team, but this game was made in Ren'py!

Thank you for the help!

Ah. Thank you!

I'll try :D

This post is as old as my account lmao xD

I cannot confirm anything. When I try to play, I press Enter but nothing happens. Please help?

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I've tried every button on my keyboard but I can't confirm that I want to play, or any other options on the menu. Please help?

Edit: Not even Enter is working. I'm not stupid. I checked the description for all the controls and stuff.

A 64-bit version of windows is out for download. I'd know making games free basically ruins the career but, this is so good it deserves EVERYONE to play it, even if they don't want to use money. <3

Thank you so much for this! This really helped me when I had no idea what to draw.

A pet-plant is a very interesting one but I made it in the Pixel-Y program also seen here.