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Galaxy Green

A member registered Feb 02, 2019

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Thank you! Happy Gamedev too xD

Hi! Its beautiful!) Could I use it in my game?) I am still making my cuberpunk game. Btw, how better add you to credits, when I will make it? Like just "ansimuz" or "ansimuz from, mafia boss 50 lvl"?)) xD

Hello, Galaxy Warrior. What Galaxy are you from?:)

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Hi!)) Could I use it in a commercial project? P.S. Its incredible awesome background xD

Looking forward)) I think its better to make blue-cyan-grey awesome color combination. But its up to you!))  Have a good day)

Hello)) How is it going?) Do you have a plan to make 1 more cyberpunk parallax?))

I see finish line of my game at the skyline (of course I ll remember you in captions) and maybe I ll buy parallax (but I dont can pay so much, cuz I am a poor student xDD). I amm folowing you and gonna say, that your skill become better and better. Keep it up!)) 

Dude. I have no words. You are amazing)) I am still making game and maybe I ll publish it in Steam. Can I use it?) Of course I ll try to add your name in subtitles)

Thank you. I ll refer you in titers) Thank you very much)

Hi!) This very cool, I love it. Now I am creating game and I wanna use your asset. Game will free. Can I use it? Thank you))