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oh and i can't wait for the rest of the guys' routes! ..jiji especially 🥵

this was so cute!! I kinda wish there was a save feature so I didn't have to replay it fifty times but I get why there wasn't :p the bara tiddies def make up for it ❤️ lmfao

Ah, sorry! I'm on Mac.

It was really fun while I could play it! After the first dungeon run I tried saving in town only to get an error noise any time I tried. I figured I'd try later to see if it was a fluke but the game crashed after giving a looong error code about a read-only only file trying to open? I'll definitely try playing again later in a future update :)

I should have probably prefaced this by saying your writing is amazing! Nothing about aodh is bad from an literary standpoint, I just don't like his personality ;; I hope that makes more sense

Honestly.. I don't care for aodh at all, he just acts like a dick. ;; so i really hope Daniel ends up as a romance option, hes such a sweetheart from what i saw!

Awww! I love Deka! He's so adorable and sweet :) 

This is really a great game!

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definitely not enough raz love in these comments ❤️ he's definitely my favorite so far, i love how sweet and silly he can be besides the horniness lol

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I love Rama so much!! He's really an interesting character with such a realistic backstory that I feel makes him seem so lifelike and complex. 

And while I haven't played the Reksa storyline yet, I think I can say that Mitra is my least favorite. Not at all because he's a flawed character,  he's very much a huge sweetheart.. I just feel like his storyline is so PG; I kept wanting more to happen between him and the MC. more passion, yaknow? it just felt very children's storybook-esque, which.. I guess isn't bad but it isn't necessarily the most compelling thing to read. 

I really love this otome, tho!! Major props, it's so well made and the art is amazing!