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ive been looking forward to this game so much since i finished changeling!! can't wait :)

Hi! is there any chance of an update for MacOS? I'd love to play this :)

Wow, the Kol, Nas & Yoshi poly route is probably my favorite so far! I wish there was a bit more kink like in Nas' route tho! that would've made it perfect 馃槱

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Whoa!! Episode 2 is sooo good! Damon is way too hot lol..

 but that cliffhanger tho! 馃槴

The writing is phenomenal!! I just finished the king's route & the ending line where the MC chooses to say "stay good, puppy" killed me. :( I'm way excited for season 2 now ahh!!

I love each and every character. They all have such distinct personalities that are so well written, not to mention beautifully drawn. The CGs are all amazing and the music fits perfectly, I really can't hype this game up enough. 

I can't wait for the next update! 鈾ワ笍

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I'll try to succinct, but I cannot describe how truly incredible this game is. It is by far my favorite VN, and most definitely one of my favorite games in general. The artwork is beyond beautiful, the soundtrack plays such amazing paralells to the story, and the writing is beyond my expectations. Kris and Kevin are so incredibly skilled, I can only aspire to write as well as them.

I'll admit, I have to contain my excitement while writing this. I keep wanting to bring up how great every aspect of this is, but I'll try to reign it in. It's the little things, really. I can't get over how the y'all managed to portray all the characters with such well-rounded, intricate personalities, it really is beyond me. Especially the well-paced, fulfilling build-up in romancing, at least in Finn's route, as I've only just made it to the end and finished his route and needed to write my thoughts immediately, however jumbled they may be..

So, it may not mean much coming from a stranger, but I hope everyone who helped work on this game is unbelievably proud of themselves, it very much so is a work of art. I hope for only the best for this team of creators and their future work!

oh and i can't wait for the rest of the guys' routes! ..jiji especially 馃サ

this was so cute!! I kinda wish there was a save feature so I didn't have to replay it fifty times but I get why there wasn't :p the bara tiddies def make up for it 鉂わ笍 lmfao

Ah, sorry! I'm on Mac.

It was really fun while I could play it! After the first dungeon run I tried saving in town only to get an error noise any time I tried. I figured I'd try later to see if it was a fluke but the game crashed after giving a looong error code about a read-only only file trying to open? I'll definitely try playing again later in a future update :)

I should have probably prefaced this by saying your writing is amazing! Nothing about aodh is bad from an literary standpoint, I just don't like his personality ;; I hope that makes more sense

Honestly.. I don't care for aodh at all, he just acts like a dick. ;; so i really hope Daniel ends up as a romance option, hes such a sweetheart from what i saw!

Awww! I love Deka! He's so adorable and sweet :) 

This is really a great game!

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definitely not enough raz love in these comments 鉂わ笍 he's definitely my favorite so far, i love how sweet and silly he can be besides the horniness lol

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I love Rama so much!! He's really an interesting character with such a realistic backstory that I feel makes him seem so lifelike and complex. 

And while I haven't played the Reksa storyline yet, I think I can say that Mitra is my least favorite. Not at all because he's a flawed character,  he's very much a huge sweetheart.. I just feel like his storyline is so PG; I kept wanting more to happen between him and the MC. more passion, yaknow? it just felt very children's storybook-esque, which.. I guess isn't bad but it isn't necessarily the most compelling thing to read. 

I really love this otome, tho!! Major props, it's so well made and the art is amazing!