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Great game. Amazing

Fun simple visual novel. Also really like the artstyle, thats kinda what made me want to play this.

also that disclaimer is very silly

you're welcome ^^

I played the android version of the game. Really love the story. Both the ending are very cute and design for all of the characters are really nice, especially Maku.

The game is so cute and the gameplay is pretty creative. Manage to unlock all ending and memories except one. I just couldn't find it for some reason.

Pretty fun and simple. Though I wish there were more level. It felt too short. But I still enjoy the game

Nice game

Game was really fun. Really enjoy that soul mechanic

The game is so cute. The interaction are pretty cute though it is kinda annoying that some choices still lead to the same ending. Still its fun tho.

Also, the presence of Periwinkle is intimidating. Love that guy <3

This was so cute! Was hoping for it to be longer but thats my fault for not reading the description. Thank you for making another cute visual novel <3

I actually already play this visual novel on my phone. Its really cute and the art is beautiful