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Oh okay, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

How is this Slash animation different from the last one you released?

Although I have bought most off of, I did buy the, Animations Select - Fire, off of the main RPG Maker Web Site. Is there a way to get the update from them as well?

Great Animation! Thanks for the upload!

There is no way to download this?

This plugin looks really cool. Any plans to port it over to RPG Maker MZ?

That's awesome! Thank you so much!!!

This seems pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of the Unison Plugin that was released for MV a little while back.

Awesome! Since I got the first set of heroes from the RPG Maker main web page; will we be able to download the update there as well?

Are you going to be doing this with all the busts that you have created?

This is a great Plugin! Was easy to get the hang of and adds great ambiance to any game. 

Just downloaded and checked out the update. Working a lot better now; thanks for all the hard work!


I just bought the plugin but I don't think I can use it as is in a game right now. The transition to battle is super slow. Even when I put it all the way down to 1 it's slow and the shatter effect looks weird with in the lower amounts. Also, the "Crash" SE does not seem to be timed up correctly when an encounter occurs. Anyhow, love the idea for the plugin; hopefully an update can address these issues.

How many sheets are actually included in this set? I was thinking about purchasing it but wanted to first know the amount many assets it holds.

Wow, this is really incredible!!! Great Job!

How do you acquire this collection? There is no download button or anything?

Liked the game. Awesome job on the Mapping!

This seems pretty cool. Are you planning on releasing a version for RPG Maker MZ upon its release?

These look really good. Great job on them!

These are awesome!

These look really nice. Are you planning on releasing a color version of them as well?

I would get this bundle but I think I already bought like have half of them separately already, lol

Just got the set. Love the buildings and portals. Great Job!

Incredibly kind of you to re-release all these awesome assets. Thank you so much for your generosity!!!!

Just picked this up, really incredible work on the design of the cards!