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Looks really cool. Can't wait for the demo!

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That was awesome! Would you mind sharing how you did the speed line/action cut in, effect? I can never get that to look right.

Okay, no worries. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I opened the standard MZ project (not TileD) but there doesn't appear to be any sample maps. Is that an oversight or does this just not come with any?

Sounds cool!

Okay, I got it to download. Gonna try it out later today or tomorrow. Keep up the great work!

It says that the demo is available but I don't see a link for it anywhere?

I remember playing Legion Saga 2 almost 20 years ago and was blown away by how well the RPG Maker engine was used and how much the story and game-play felt like a real RPG for the NES. It was/is an inspiration to what can be accomplished with the RPG Maker programs!

Looks Awesome!

Yeah, I think sample maps are always kinda helpful to allow the buyers to see the intended way to use certain tile/tile combinations.

This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing it!

I was just wondering if the download came with sample maps or not?

Looks awesome!

This looks cool, I'm going to give it a try!

This looks pretty cool!

Wow, these tracks sound great! Incredible job on them!

Just re-downloaded this set and there is nothing in the folder "01_MATERIALS"?

Just picked this one up; it's awesome!

Just out of curiosity, are you planning on releasing any face graphics or character sprites that match all the batters you've released over the last few weeks?

These are very cool. Awesome job on them!

These are awesome!

These battler sprites are nothing short of amazing! Incredible work!

These were made for fun just for fan games.

I see the sizes up there now; not sure how I missed them the first time. But would still love to know that the script is.

What are the actual pixel sizes of the images and what script are you referring to? Would love to include an item screen like the one you are talking about in my game menus.

These came out really well; awesome job on the conversion!

Do all these come in 16x16 cells or are they larger?

Any plans to port this plug-in over to RPG Maker MZ?

Thank you for creating this; they look awesome! Do you know which plugins might work best with these assets?

Any plans on a 48x48 tile size version of this set?

Any update on when the MZ version might be added to the RPG Maker Web Store for download since I already bought this item on that platform?

This is awesome! Glad you are making animations for MZ now!

It doesn't really work if you change the screen size. Example: I made it 1280x720 and nothing came out correctly.


Hello, I actually bought the Visustella Resource Pack: Modern City off of the RPG Maker store. Was just wondering how I go about getting the updated assets when purchased through that method?

Oh okay, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

How is this Slash animation different from the last one you released?

Although I have bought most off of, I did buy the, Animations Select - Fire, off of the main RPG Maker Web Site. Is there a way to get the update from them as well?

Great Animation! Thanks for the upload!

There is no way to download this?