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Which games, DS and PC?

Since your list for future functionality includes localization, I would be happy to translate the app to German. So if you need help, just DM me on Discord or Twitter (@gaker19).

If you cover up your left eye using a pair of sunglasses, the parallax effect will become 3D and the mountains feel further away. Just a cool thing I found out.

Thank you!

That's nice to hear! Glad you enjoy the game

When you are on the win screen, you have to play again to advance to the next level and get more rules.

The gameplay is very slow, that's true. Just relax I guess :D Thanks for playing

yay! 🥳

Thanks for your review! We are aware of these bugs and are looking into fixing them. All of the mentioned bullshit elements are just a matter of time constraints. I don't really know if there's a reason why you can't shapeshift, probably to build up more tension. 

you mean one card :)

True, the gameplay is pretty slow. I'm sure we could have done something about that, but we sadly didn't have the time. Thanks for the feedback!

We're glad you liked our game. Waiting is sadly just a big part of card based games. You could definitely change that, but that would require a lot of thinking and creativity, and we didn't really have the time. Thanks for your review!

Yes, waiting is just a huge chunk of the game. I guess there is not a lot to do about that without completely revamping the game concept. Thank you for the Feedback!

We're sorry to hear that! The system is completely based on RNG, so with bad luck, rounds can go on for quite a while. Whenever I played, the rounds were only one, maybe two minutes long. There might be a way to fix the rounds being too long by manipulating the RNG depending on the card in the middle and the cards everyone else has, but we just didn't have time for that in the 48h. Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for the review! Figuring out the rules can get pretty difficult at times, I agree. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game anyways 

Thank you for your review! 

When you win, you have to click on "Play Again" to move on to the next level and get more rules. This was definitely a UI problem, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thank you!

Thank you! We had a lot of fun working on the game and are happy to hear all of the positive feedback :)

Thank you :)

Good that that while sometimes annoying feature still managed to accomplish what it was intended to do in the end!

Thank you very much! We will take your suggestion into consideration if we ever publish another build!

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Thank you! Nice to hear you liked the game :)

Thanks for your review! Well, I guess sitting around is just a consequence of playing a card game, very authentic indeed! :b

Nice to hear that you enjoyed the game anyways, I hope you had fun playing it!

Duck 😍

Haha, as a play tester I can confirm this xD

Very fun experience, although it does get pretty repetitive after a while and the difficulty curve doesn't really exist, it always stays the same. Nonetheless, making you control the cactus instead of the dinosaur is a funny idea. And the visuals look nice too, although the art style doesn't look consistent in the clouds or the menu. Still a good job!

So, you were on a "You Won" screen, right?

Thanks for your review! Actually, when you're on the win screen, "restart game" pits you to the next level, with more rules getting added. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Haha this is a very late reply but I feel like there aren't even that few Scratch games on itch, most of them are just so good that you don't really notice. Scratch is a very capable engine when used by the right people.

This comment will (kind of?) contain spoilers so play the game yourself before reading, it's only a few minutes long.

Oooo open ending

So spooky! Very cute [whatever you find :)] 10/10

Ah yes, I want to support this bad

Freddie Mercury be like x)

*downloads GameMaker files*

I tried, but for some reason my controller wasn't working, idk

Is the game looking specifically for controller 1 and 2? Because if so, I would maybe recommend that you create a little screen saying like "player 1, press any button" or something like that, so that the controller doesn't have to be connected as controller 1.

Fun game, but I feel like a little punishment for pressing the wrong keys would be appropriate.

Fun game, but you can easily break the 2 player mode if white presses all 4 arrow keys at once in a very specific order, which will result in the white player always moving left and the black player not being able to control the game anymore.

Ahhhh I realized :))))

Cool idea

How do I beat Level 6? I know who the guy is, but I can't seem to get him to follow me. Really nice idea though, and it makes for a really entertaining game.