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Just saw your video,  I'm new to the channel. I'd love to see a web build, that would be awesome.

Will you snail?

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First a question: Is Aiby a neural network?

Now what I think: This is a cool idea, although the AI is more annoying than it actually helps.

Now that I think about it, it's like Squid. Funny

Very cool how you made this in Scratch! Just as a tip, when packaging you could maybe activate the "start automatically" option so that it doesn't show the green flag before the game starts.

I think this might be a cool game, but the browser version doesn't really work (as all of the other people have already pointed out)


Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, that bug happens sometimes. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway!

Alright, thanks for your feedback!

Hey, don't underestimate Scratch! My game is solid too, I think at least, and it was made in Scratch too.

Thanks for your feedback! Actually, we are planning to expand this idea into a whole game. I'm glad you liked it 😊

Thanks for your feedback! This actually was my first game jam, and I'm very surprised by how well everything went. I think the polish was possible because we implemented it from the beginning, for example, we created the enemy hit animation right when we implemented enemy hitting itself. Also, about the dice: Maybe that's kinda the point, I mean our main mechanic is bad luck.

Thanks for your feedback! We did think about a back button, but we didn't have the time to add it.

Thanks for your post! I'm glad you liked the game. You're right, it's more timing-based than it's about luck. About the weird thing, we didn't really have time to get better music right there, since that was added about 10 minutes before the deadline.

I'd like to help with that, is there a Discord server or something to playtest?

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game!

Yeah, that's the annoying part of game jams...

That's right, the battle system is pretty bugged. And yes, we originally planned to create some kind of tutorial, but due to time constrains, we were not able to implement it in the end. Thanks for your post!

Very impressive how you were able to create a platformer game in Scratch in just 48 hours! I love the idea to use dices as a way to attack.

Also, it's really cool that the game has controller support!

Next time, maybe use turbowarp to create your game and set the stage size to 640x360 so you get 16:9 aspect ratio.

Really well done game, but very difficult.

Interesting concept, beautiful graphics, but I didn't really understand how the game works, and the UI also could look a lot better. 

Very fun game, I love the minigames, my only problem is that the rooms are very repetitive. They all look the same. Also, you sometimes see an enemy in a room, then the battle starts and you fight against another one.

Yes, you can beat every level in the game.

Very fun to play, I'd like to have a little bit more feedback when I hit a block for example, and a little more sound would have been nice, too.

Thank you for your post! I'm glad you like the game.

Wow, that is nice to hear! Thank you for your post, I can recommend Super Paper Mario for the N64. You may want to play it through an Emulator, since N64s are really hard to find. But that game also has a combat system like this game, and it is a lot longer.

Yes, I love the animations, too. In my opinion, prestonexists and skwuidwurd really did a great job creating them.

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game!

You can try Super Mario Maker World Engine though, that one is downloadable.

Very fun game, you feel like an overpowered god. Though it takes a while to understand the UI.

Very fun, it took a while for me to understand why I die, but is there a winning state?

Cool game, but very glitchy.

Also the "YOU WIN" text at the and is pulsating far too fast.

Cool game, but the resolution of the render to texture for the map is far too low, and you can't really see anything, due to the lack of shading.

This game is so fun, and it looks gorgeous, too! The only problem I have is that due to all of the objects on screen, I sometimes can't really tell, why I got hit. And the lack of a fullscreen-mode also bothers me. But besides that, it's a really fun and polished game.

The tutorial is cool, but my character sometimes changes their z position and I can't interact with objects anymore. Also, I'm not sure about the use of images of Mario, Sonic and the NES. I don't think Nintendo or Sega are okay with that.

The game looks really cool, but I don't really understand what I have to do. Maybe a tutorial would have been nice.

Really fun to play, but I feel like the turrets and the mines are pretty unnecessary. Also, I don't want to memorize all of the different rolls and what they do, maybe write that somewhere. The game also looks like and asset-flip, the graphics aren't really appealing to me.

Very cool looking game, but I don't really understand, how the cars move, sometimes, both players are at the same position and roll a 1, but player one moves 1m and player two 3km, so that is pretty scuffed. Also, I feel like the randomness system is weird, I either roll a 1, or a 4. But never anything else. And the ?-Box looks weird too, it doesn't really fit in. But the rest of the visuals look really good, everything fits and I have no idea how you managed to create all of these assets in 48 hours and program a game around them. I also like the shader that outlines the objects, that looks really cool and fits the art style very well. And the UI design is awesome too, those drivers just look cool.