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It's my top 5! For sure!

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First Horror game to make my Leg cramp from straight up fear. I applaud you...Also that excruciating loud volume kinda ridiculous don't ya think? 11/10

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I love how many jump scares there were. Great way to introduce the game! The jack in the box could have been a little more unpredictable, otherwise a 10/10!

Good Game! Lots of potential!

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Definitely one of the top horror games on here! 10/10

Really good game. Probably should contain multiple slides like Mcdonalds or a waterpark to have different stories. Otherwise loved it!

I will donate the other 1 cent if this question is answered so I can meet your goal.

Amazing game! Good mixture of comedy, puzzles, and horror! Looking forward to future DLC or creations! 10/10!
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Ohhh! Amazing game! For the full game we should also have the main character get abducted onto the alien ship. And we should be able to  playthrough/explore being on an alien ship as that is something no horror game has ever done. Exploring an actual alien ship would be the best thing ever, as no one could imagine how that would be! With your imagination based on the demo I believe you could create something amazing! Also here is my YouTube channel for the community:

One of my favorite horror games so far. Just ran into a glitch when I walked up to the enemy and died the game stayed black screen. I had to reset the game. Otherwise 10/10! Heres my chamnel as well:

Awesome concept. Hopefully a full game comes out with different types of monsters and with multiple monsters so you can get trapped hardcore. 

My upload and channel.

Really good game! Just needs a few more jump scares and it will be golden!

It's like a horror inception, if 2nd person horror game existed this would be it! 10/10! Needs a part 2 now.

Visuals, Audio, and Lore are all amazing, 10/10 game!

Amazing! Need more!

Loved it! Had me jump real hard a couple times!