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ok thanks! other than that the game is actually really good you guys have been doing a fantastic job!

I noticed bushes randomly combust without a fire spirit is that intentional or a bug?

yeah I would've love to play them cause I really enjoyed your other games! hope you continue making games

this game is lost to time because of flash being gone

I'd love to be able to play on android in the future!

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lost my sanity and died but got to see a hot lovefcraftian babe 10/10 would summon again

Keep up the great work!

I sadly can't actually read any of the emails cause the text is too tiny so the game is unplayable for me I hope you'll be able to fix it and if not that's okay

this game is ok it runs fine but it's pretty repetitive it woukd be cool to have some variations of enemies or something or have power ups but but otherwise it's an alright game