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Hello Yal! Very interesting! Does it support 3d models and ability to add some pathfinding for AI? Thanks!

Very interesting engine! Can you give a discount to the owner of the original Edge VN? :) Do you plan to update further for the new version of GMS2 ( Thanks!

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Hello IMLXH! Its very interesting sofware! Can you please tell me - is it possible to use vaporgenerated music in commercial products such as games? Thank you!

Thanks!!! I did it! :D

Hello! Nice asset! Can you please add shooting npc just like in the gif? Thanks!

Hello Vortex Game Studio! is this asset HTML5 compatible? Thanks!

Hello Madwolf Studios! Does it supports HTML5? Thanks! forgot to notify me of a new message from you! An awesome work! THANKS!

Hello again H-Tech! At this morning I launched again and video driver crash happens ONLY in GMS2. in GMS 1 (1.4.1804) all work fine!

In GMS2 (2.2.0): Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x887a0005, Call: GR_D3D_Device->CreateDepthStencilState at line 505 in file \StateManagerM.cpp. On other desktop with R9 390 just BSOD with some ati.dll

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Nice! but, I can not run it) lol) video card driver crashes out)) tested on both desktop))

p.s. tested on DoomGameEngineV4.gmz version

Wow! Thats nice!!! Can you add an enemy capable of shooting? Sorry, im new to GMS... how can i change weapon rate of fire? Thank you!

Other features...  Maybe some basic lights and shadows :) You made great job! Looking forward to new updates!

Very very nice! Can you please add a simple enemy(shoot, chase?) GMS 2 Tested - it works fine! Yay!!