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Hey, there's this little guy again.
I enjoyed the game and once I figured everything out I was good to go basically, however I really wished there was a visual indicator as to when the next bomb would hit, or perhaps make the shelter a little smaller to see it coming better. Other small things would be the character  being glued to the side of platforms, the moving right to left animation (no flip) and of course the dreaded exit button in the game over scene instead of a restart ;). 

Truly a little gem

Very nice & cute art all around ! A nice little concept and I enjoyed playing it.
Perhaps it's me, but I had trouble to figure out the level visual cues at first (roofs), what to avoid, etc. I reset many times in places I didn't necessarily expect to be reset, and backtracking, in my experience,  was very unforgiving. In fact, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to that third heater :P

Nice sounds and visuals :). It's worth mentioning my five years old laptop could run it without any major problem. I second a visual cue for when you're about to die, perhaps an health bar slowly running out or something. I also feel another thing that could be added in the future without too much effort could be traps planted here and there, just an idea tho :P

Very nice unsettling atmosphere with a possible unnerving conclusion, nice attention to visual details.

It seems I have found a bug: when I died the first time, the going back menu wasn't working for me.
So I closed the game and started it again. Turned out I was back to the room previous my death :) , but, when I entered the room, the 'thing' came at me without fail loll, with or without stealth.  Tried to outrun it, didn't work hehe.

I looked up the game page and sure enough, this was also a 2-minute horror jam contender ;)

Thanks :D

Thank you very much, yeah I can see where you're coming from :) thanks for playing !

Thank you man I'll see what I can do ;)

Impressive game with cool animations,  I second the controls aspect,

I had trouble to figure out the controls and what to do at first, but once I did everything went smoothly. 

I'm not sure though why the character is the one being more and more powerful while the number of enemies remains the same (because of the theme maybe?), at first I had to carefully position myself, then afterwards I could easily tank all the hits and one shot everything. So, I guess more units as you grow more powerful would have been nice ;)

Interesting use of the theme in your mechanics, simple yet effective. As you've stated on your page, enemies that reflect your projectiles at the front would have been cool ^^

A cool little game with very nice visuals and UI. Would have certainly played more levels with different "traps" etc.

I had fun trying to adopt different strategies and managing my money :D. 

I'm guessing you ran out of time before implementing the  activate Satan stuff, cause I've activated him like 5 times and nothing happened hehe. It would have been cool to have to activate him 3 times and each time he does a strike or something.

Also, the balance seems a little bit off: the lesser demons, while spawning from random positions, lure the purple things away from Satan AND into the crossfire, AND can exchange with them like 5 to 1 if in close proximity  (yes please) ? 

Last but not least, right after reading the instructions I'm being transported automatically  to the game, maybe do a back to menu button, seems clearer to the player that way.  Thanks !

I recognize that sprite :D cute concept, fun level endings

Interesting and simple concept. 

Very nice visual + audio experience. Mission complete** ;)

Thank you good sir,  fixed ;) I also agree on the controls ^^ will probably update in a later version when I'll have the time. Thanks for playing !

+1 for the 3D wall-thing & lighting. Fun concept, cute little game.

Very nice game. I like the variety of moves from each boss and how they telegraph them.