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This game is Malware if you want memz virus on your pc download this game

Your computer is kind of stupid this virus is literally a .bat script so it cant really do much

I'm gonna make a video testing it and let you know its not a virus

I dont make content made to hurt or damage your computer or crash it and stuff I just like making questionable games that's all

So dont freak out if it says 'Your computer blocked the download because it contains malware' click the arrow and just click keep

I just want to clear that out

The "virus" issue is fixed and nothing will pop up when you download it.

Fake Virus community · Created a new topic Not a real virus

Start: Opening one of your computer's files, typing anything random in will cause your computer to restart, or BSOD.

@echo off: Enabling the FAKE virus to work

msg * The messages that pop up on your computer after opening one of your computer's files.

*Computer says the game is a virus because it is new, and does not know it can be trusted. The game is completely virus-free, with no malware, no spyware, no nothing. The game is only available on PC, Linux, or Mac. If it warns you, click See More and then click Download Anyway.  Enjoy!

The controls are weird. The atmosphere is great though! I love the game, personally.

I haven't played the game yet, however it looks really interesting and funny. Cant wait to play it!

Taxes are scary.

Great game, however, the paddle broke after one game. Please fix it! Thank you.

The game is great! Love it, however, I did encounter some bugs, and I had to restart. Still a great experience.

This game is great, but the parkour section I couldn't pass, sadly.

Really nice game! I loved the overall atmosphere. Keep up the good work!

Oh, man! I loved this game. The atmosphere and the design in itself makes the game feel more realistic than what children's shows actually look like. Keep up the good work!

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Cool game! The controls really work. The only thing I am upset about is the lack of design. There should be different levels after you get a specific amount of points (10 000, 3000, etc.) you get. Just a thought. Bye :D