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man, i don't have money to buy the standard or plus one.

I just wanna know how to do Slope Momentum :c

I wanna please find a tutorial to do a rhythm thing in clickteam fusion.

there isn't any tutorials in YOUTUBE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

html games that have a lot of shit in it are very laggy.

very funny, i have x64 version so i don't know how to help you lol

why is your head in the pfp so small

don't be stupid!
32 bit version is fucking broken dude.

i didn't meant swear for  swear words.
what the fuck dude

My windows 8.1 pc is a 32 bit with x64 processor.
and i can't fucking play it

please i can't fucking handle it

friendly doom version do be looking kool

Since when TommyInnit is here tho?

Are you still going to continue the game?
Even though it's kind of dead?

i have directx 11 but i have some fatal error...

thank you... but where? in private twitter thing? or discord?

kay uh.. this is... great i guess. 10/999

Uh... Hai Junkbytes! I'm GabrielPivot.... you know the one in gamejolt.
Anyways  i cannot report the bug or something. But hey it's not like an bug.

It's more like an graphic error.
When starting the game with any settings the HUD is only visible but the gameplay is totally white screen. Anyways hope you fix that please.

No i said if its not working your game try Steam as well.

You can't download on steam for free if you got steam.

The crash its when i go to the multiplayer mode and it stop of working