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Poor Cassius :( 

Love all the different versions of the poster!

This is such a clever game world builder! I'm excited to use some of my frog stamps for it.

This is such a charming game and I love the cover art!

Oh, that's a good idea, thank you!

I was thinking of having an example letter included in mine to show how you can expand on the tables and generated words I'm including. I'm a little worried that will come off as patronizing, like I don't believe people will be able to do it on their own. What do other people think?

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I like both of those, especially the play on telephone! Is the initial mailer the vote counter or are they participating too?

Oh! What a great mashup that would be!

I can not get over how cool the special power is! Really invokes an old-school fairy-tale feeling.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun reading it!

I love the special power! I'm picturing something like a demonic and down-on-his-luck Jean-Paul Marat with it.

This is fantastic!

The writing for this is amazing!